About Us

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“Top Companies in India” is a blog dedicated to serve the people of India and around the world with the latest information about companies operating in India.

The founder of the blog is Pritam Nagrale, who is a full-time blogger and an SEO expert. Before  starting his blog he was a chemical engineer and worked for various companies in the country.Pritam Nagrale

He has an experience of over 7 years working for various companies in different sectors, public as well as private. Few months back Pritam decided to use his vast knowledge and experience about thousands of companies operating in India to help young students and other people so that they could know more about these companies.

Therefore, he created this blog which gives information about various companies operating in India.

The best thing about the blog is, Pritam uses his experience and then he consults with his team and only then he creates a blog post.

He ensures that the audience gets most relevant and latest information about a company.

In this blog, you would find list of top 10 companies from various sectors that are operating in India.

You might find many such blogs on the Internet but they all are monotonous because of their static content and only our blog is dynamic and filled with latest information.

In coming days, you would find blog posts written on different topics which are relevant in our daily lives. The blog posts could be for young students looking for jobs or just a visitor seeking some information.

Moreover, Pritam has a dedicated team of writers that works under his guidance. Pritam would ensure that each blog post contains latest and most accurate information. He and his team are not going to compromise on accuracy of information given in every blog post.

We hope that audience would enjoy reading our blog.

In order to make the blog more interactive and robust we would like you to share comments and your views after you have read the blog. Your comments would help us to improve it.

Finally, we would like to talk more about Pritam Nagrale’s personal life. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, a two year old daughter. He loves pet.

He also enjoys cooking and in his free time he loves to listen old classical songs.