Top 10 Background Verification Companies in India

Let us start with what are these background verification companies and why do you need them?

Well as the name suggest background verification companies are assigned to do find out background of a person.

They find out everything about a person like educational verification, employment verification, reference verification, criminal record verification, address verification, drug testing etc.

A verification company would try to dig out every possible detail about the person.

Who all need services from a background verification companies?

background verification companies

Well the first major client is companies who are recruiting new employee in their firm. They want to know everything about them so they don’t hire a wrong person.

Second client is people who want to know about the boy or girl they are getting married to. They want to know more about the boy or girl, their family and other information so they hire these companies.

There are many good background verification companies functioning in India. I collected a list of some of the best companies in the country.

Here is the list


It is one of the best background verification companies in India it has over 4800 professionals in the company. The company has presence all over India and it covers all sectors of market.

  • Services and Solutions: Educational verification, employment verification, reference verification, criminal record verification, address verification, drug testing, database verification, Vendor due diligence, counter parity verification
  • Head Office: Ahmadabad 380 051, Gujarat
  • Phone No: 91 79 4040 2200
  • Website:

2. Auth Bridge

Auth Bridge also gives services like Risk assessment and talent solutions apart from back ground check services.

  • Services and Solutions: Screening Services like employee background check, screening the leader, screening online, substance abuse testing then Risk Assessment services and Talent solutions
  • Head Office: Gurgaon – 122 016, Haryana
  • Phone No: 91 – 8826988001
  • Website:

3. Securitas

Securitas have over 20,000 employees.

  • Services and Solutions: Pre and post employment verifications like Residential verifications, Academic verifications, Employment verifications, Reference verifications, Database verifications, Criminal verifications, OFAC check (Office of Foreign Asset Control), Gap verification, Exit interviews, Drug check
  • Head Office: Gurgaon – 122016, Haryana
  • Phone No: +91-9717495402
  • Website:

4. Janta Khoj

Janta Khoj has some big client names.

  • Services and Solutions: Address Verification, Court Records Check, Criminal Verification(Police), Criminal Database Check, Drug Test, Education Verification, Employment Verification, Reference Verification, Social Media Scan, Court Database Check
  • Head Office: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai 410210
  • Phone No: 91 9004507301
  • Website:

5. Onicra

Onicra is basically a credit rating company in India.

  • Services and Solutions: Employment verification, reference check, address verification, professional license check, CV validation, date of birth check, company search, identity checks, health checks, database check etc
  • Head Office: Gurgaon, 122015, Haryana, India
  • Phone No: 91 – 124 – 4125700
  • Website:

6. Corporate Investigation India

The company has presence all over world.

  • Services and Solutions: Pre Employment Screening, Corporate investigations like security survey, electronic sweep, due diligence, company profiling, and document paper verification
  • Head Office: New Delhi, India
  • Phone No: 91-11-29245844
  • Website:

7. Matrix India

  • Services and Solutions: Audit and Assurance like stock audit, FA verification, depot and warehouse audit, distributor point audit, retail point audit, Background checks like resident check, employment record check, academic record check, criminal record check
  • Head Office: Chennai- 600 017, India
  • Phone No: 91 44 40107200
  • Website:

8. D Code Research Pvt Ltd.

  • Services and Solutions: Employment checks, educational check, address verification, drug screening test, court record checks, police record verification, claims verification, matrimonial verification, tenant verification, vendor’s screening, exit interview, HR process Audit, back
  • Head Office: Bangalore – 560 078, Karnataka
  • Phone No: 9180-40060800
  • Website:

9. Veri Facts

The unique thing about Veri Facts is that it also check social media profile.

  • Services and Solutions: Employee Verification Services , Pre Employment Screening like Address Verification, Education Verification, Employment Verification, Criminal Background Verification, International Database, Drug Test, Social Media Profiling, Psychometric Test, Vendor Screening
  • Head Office: Bangalore – 560042, Karnataka
  • Phone No: +91 – 80 – 6782 2222
  • Website:

10. Super soft India

  • Services and Solutions: All Kinds of Employment screening, risk management and consultancy
  • Head Office: Mumbai 400 052, India
  • Phone No: +91-22-6688 6000
  • Website:

There are many other background verification companies but we listed some of the best companies in India. You can contact them on phone for their services.

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