Who wants to take a Kaala Peela taxi or an Auto Rickshaw when you have some of the best cab services available in your city.

Do you know its cheaper to travel in a cool cab than an auto rickshaw if you use coupons & offers provided by the cab companies.

cab services in India

Here I created a list of some of the best cab services in your city. They are cheap and service is really good.

Top 10 Cab Service Providers in India

You can check some of top cab services with important details like fares, payment methods etc.

1. OLA Cabs

I simply love OLA cabs and that’s why it is first on my list. My love for OLA cabs is because of its fare and an easy to use mobile app. ola-cabs

You cannot believe the fare is less than of an Auto Rickshaw.

Last month I travelled around 6 kms from railway station to my home for only Rs 150/- in an economy sedan.

And guess what, the cab was air conditioned and absolutely pollution free. You do not have to suck dirty air like you do taking an Auto Rickshaw.

Fare Charges

  • For OLA Mini: Rs 100/- for first 4 Kms and after 6 Km Rs 15/- per Km extra
  • For OLA Sedan: Rs 150/- for first 6 Kms and after 8 Km Rs 18 per Km extra
  • For Prime: Rs 200/- for first 5 Km and after Rs 17/Km

They also charge Rs 2/- for a minute for waiting.

Rates may slightly differ according to your city. Here I am giving of Mumbai.


You can pay through credit, cash, debit card etc.

OLA Cab App

The app is really smooth and easy to use. I love it because it does not hang and you could book the cab in seconds.

The service is so instant that within few minutes cab would arrive at your pick up point.

Website: www.olacabs.com

2. Uber

My Second choice would be Uber. Like OLA, Uber is not an Indian company.

Recently it has been in the news for wrong reasons but the service is quite good and sometimes better than OLA. Uber Cabs

Why you should go for Uber?


First reason is fare. It is quite cheap just like OLA, in fact sometimes even cheaper than OLA cab.

To give you an idea Uber X is cheaper than Auto Rickshaw.

  • Uber Black’s Base fare is Rs 100/-, that is Rs 13/Km, minimum fare is Rs 150/-
  • Uber X’s Base fare is Rs 70/-, Rs 10/Km, minimum fare is Rs 100/-

So 30 Km in just Rs 300/- which is cheaper than a Taxi or Auto Rickshaw.


Well the service is classy and superb. The cabs are really cleanest I have seen in the country.

OLA cabs are worn out however Uber is cool. Drivers are also good and they keep the cab clean.

Uber is really safe even for women travelers.


It could be a problem for those who prefer cash or credit/debit cards.

You can only pay through Pay TM because government does not allow certain foreign companies.

However once you learn to use Pay TM then it is easy.


The app is really cool and it works great just like OLA. It is simple with easy to learn user interface.

Website: www.uber.com

3. Meru Cabs

To put it bluntly I don’t like Meru Cabs. I have put Meru at third place in our list because the company has presence all over India with over 6000 cabs. meru cabs

It is one of the largest Indian Radio Taxi providers in the country.

Meru cabs are bit expensive if you are a normal working guy.


Just few months back Meru used to charge decent amount like Rs 10 per km which was affordable. So for 30 km from my home to airport it was around Rs 400/- without toll.

However now it is quite expensive and for a Km fare could be up to Rs 20/- (after 1 km) for day time.

I hardly use Meru.


You can book the car on hourly basis. You can call the helpline number of radio taxi and the nearest taxi would reach to your home or pick up point.

Please remember there is booking charges if you do through phone. But if you do through Meru App and website then no booking charges.


Service is good, taxi is air conditioned but again the cost is too much.


You can pay through cash to the driver. You can also use your credit card on the meter. A printed or e receipt would be given to you.

Website: www.merucabs.com

4. Easy Cabs

I have used easy cabs two to three times. The only good thing is that Easy Cabs are readily available but the fare is too high.


Let us look at the fare. For first 3 km it is Rs 69/- and for night time it is Rs 87/- (for delhi)

After 3 km it is Rs 23/Km and Rs 28.75/km for night time. For waiting charges they charge you around Rs 30 per hour. Waiting charge is really low.

I remember for some 30 km from airport to my hotel in Delhi they charged around Rs 700/-. It was rip off. easy cab


Taxis are good and drivers are also professional. They know their directions and the cab is safe for women also.


You can call to their number and book a cab. You can also download their app and book. Website is also an option.


You can pay through credit or debit card. However cash payment is allowed when your approximate advance amount is less than Rs 10,000/-

In my opinion Easy Cabs is good for executive and other high earning people.

Website: www.easycabs.com

5. Taxi For Sure

I used taxi for sure once. The problem is the company gets a lot of phone calls for booking and sometime they don’t show up.


For point to point, hatchback and Sedan Rs 99/- for first 6 km and Rs 15/km after 6 km, SUV Rs 200/km for first 6 km and Rs 21 after. Taxi For Sure

For Airport price is same.

In my opinion the fare are quite reasonable in fact cheaper than Meru and Easy Cabs but costlier than OLA and Uber.


Service is really bad because sometimes they don’t show up. You booked the cab but they didn’t show up. This has happened many times with my friends.


You can book a cab in your city either calling on the helpline number or online. You could also download their mobile app.


You can pay through credit or debit card and get the receipt. You could also pay through cash to the driver.

Website: www.taxiforsure.com

6. Savaari.com

Although Savaari.com should be third in my list after OLA and Uber but I put it on sixth position.


Savaari offers you pretty flat rates within the city limits. I used Savaari once and paid around Rs 1500/-savaari cab for 8 hours. The kilometer I travelled was unlimited.

Savaari also offers trips between two cities. You can travel for unlimited kilometer in the city once you have booked the cab.

In Mumbai rate starts from Rs 1450/-. You can book a cab for few hours and travel unlimited.


Cars are news, drivers are good and they come on time. The service is good if you want to travel for long hours within a city. There are no toll charges like Meru Cab and waiting charges like Easy Cabs.


You can book cabs online or by calling on their number. The user interface is really cool to use.


I paid electronically. The driver created an electronic receipt.

Website: www.Savaari.com

7. Mega Cabs

Again Mega Cabs is a radio taxi like Meru Cabs and they are bit expensive. mega cabs


Fare charges differ from city to city. In Delhi it is about Rs 23 per km. For night charges are 25% extra.


Cabs are good but they charge you Rs 30/- for waiting. And the cab is not that safe for women.


You can book the cab by calling on their helpline number or downloading their mobile app. You can also visit the website.


You can pay through credit card or cash.

Website: www.megacabs.com

8. Tab Cab

Once I used tab cab and experience was OK but fare was too high. Tab Cab service is good for corporate or bulk bookings not for individuals.


For first km Rs 27 and after that Rs 20. For night it is Rs 33.75. The waiting charges is just rip off and it is around Rs 2 for one minute. tabcab


Service is mediocre.


You can book the cab online or calling on their helpline number or downloading their mobile app.


The only payment option is through cash. No credit or debit card. Moreover, you also have to pay 5% service tax.

Website: www.tabcab.in

9. Wings Radio Cabs

I have never used Wings Radio Cabs but still I could give you basic information.


Rs 20/Km for day and Rs 30/Km for night. Waiting charges are Rs 1 per min for day and night both. Moreover, you also have to pay 5% service tax. wings cab


I have not used it so I cannot say anything.


You can book online or calling to their helpline number. However there is no mobile app.


Pay through cash.

Website: www.wingsradiocabs.com

10. Cel Cabs

The last one is Cel Cabs. I haven’t used this cab service too. Good for bulk and corporate bookings.


For 4 hours and 40 km they could charge you Rs 700, waiting charges are Rs 100 extra.

ServiceCel Cabs

I don’t know because I haven’t used it.


Online or through phone and no apps are available.


Through cash only.

So these were top 10 cab service providers.

Website: www.celcabs.com

*I must warn you the fare rates given here may differ from city to city. Hence I recommend you to visit their website to find out fares in your city.

So these are the 10 cab service providers. If you are living in metro city then few of them will be available in your city but if you live in tier 2 or tier 3 cities then you will get only 2-3 or less options.

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