Top 10 Lubricant Companies in India

Lubricant companies play a vital role in different industries. Lubricant oil has the property that reduces friction in substances. Largest applications for the lubricants will be seen in the form of motor oil. It is really wonderful in protecting the internal combustion engine in powered vehicle and internal combustion engines. A good lubricant has the…

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Top 10 Fertilizers Companies in India

The Indian fertilizer industry has been rising by leaps and bounds in last few years, though for some period of time the sluggish growth lead to the downfall of this industry. But as the agricultural scenario improved the industry has bounced back immensely and there are many fertilizer companies in India which are strongly following…

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Top 10 Biotechnology Companies in India

Biotechnology is a process that involves exploitation of different biological processes and is mainly done for industrial processes and other purposes. There are many things that are done under biotechnology such as genetic manipulation of microorganisms which is being in order to produce hormones or antibiotics. There are many things that can be done with…

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Top 10 Mining Companies in India

Do you know about the mining companies in India? I am sure many of you do not have any knowledge about some of the great mining companies operating in India. In fact, we hardly know about the impact of these mining companies on our lives. In India, 70% of its electricity is thermal and that…

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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in India

pharma companies

The development in science and technology has been so much that the Pharmaceutical industry has become a necessity of a common person these days. Right form severe health issues to health problems like cough and sneeze you get every medicine available at a cost friendly value. All thanks to the Pharmaceutical companies which has been…

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