Top 10 Rivers in India

How much do you know about the different rivers flowing in India? India has over seven major rivers which are mentioned in this article apart from other three. Total India has around 25 to 30 big and small rivers. The biggest rivers originate from Himalayas and drains into Bay of Bengal. India depends upon these…

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Top 20 Private Detective Agencies in Mumbai

Nowadays, private detectives are in great demand among corporate firms because they use these services for conducting background checks about candidates applying for job positions with them. When this is the case of corporate firms, individuals also sometimes need this service, when they need clarification about a person or a group. For instance, pre-marital investigation…

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Top 20 Private Detective Agencies in Delhi

Generally, professional private detective agencies in any state will work as per the law. Generally, police officers working for the government can submit evidence that was not legally obtained, but a private detective cannot do this. Also, they will have lesser authority as against police department. For instance, a police officer can show a probable…

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Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

cycle brands

Cycle was invented as mode of transport in 19th century at Europe. Bi-cycle has two wheels so name Bi-Cycle derived from Bi means two and Cycle means a circle. India is the second largest bicycle manufacturer in world after the China. Most of the bicycles are exported to African countries and other developed nations. Today…

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Top 10 Naturopathy Centres in India

naturopathy centers

Naturopathy is actually a traditional system of health treatment that is offered in different countries of the world, particularly India being the nation of origin of this system has many centres to provide the best naturopathy treatment. Under this method, diseases are treated and overall health is improved by adopting some modalities like aromatherapy, environmental…

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Top 10 Water Treatment Companies in India

The need of drinking clean water has forced many competitors to jump in the water treatment field. Even the water of Indian rivers is not clean and they need treatment before using it. In India market there are some companies who providing RO, UV technology, hi-tech advanced treatment safe water for industries, municipalities, homes, offices…

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