Top 20 Chemical Companies in India

In India, just after Agriculture, the chemical industries also occupy a vital role. During the financial year 2005-06, the contribution of the same to the economy is 17.6% when it comes to manufacturing sector. Again, the contribution of chemical industries in the field of Gross domestic product is 3%.

Chemical industries can be divided into various categories such as fine chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, Agro chemicals, dyes, pigments, plastics, drugs, polymers etc. Even the employment opportunities in these industries are increasing effectively.

Trader concentrating on the chemical industries can plan their foot step to establish chemical industries with wider facilities to the society. Some of the top players in the field of chemical industries can be ranked according to their demand and supply. The quality of product to the client along with customer service will be an important consideration.

You can easily come to know about the locations where the industry’s registered offices and branches are located. Company profile will speak about the date of establishment along with the names of the founder, chairperson and Managing director.

The products and services offered by the organizations are also important to be found out. It is important for find out strength of employees and turnover.Chemical Companies

List of top 20 chemical companies in India are as follows

United Phosphorous

  • Turnover- $ 2.5 billion
  • Products- Agro chemicals, seeds, Nutri feed, Industrial products
  • Location- Mumbai, India
  • Website name- http://www.uplonline.com/

Tata Chemicals

  • Name of founder- Ratan N Tata
  • Turnover- Net Profit of Is. 211.45 Crores
  • Products- nanotechnology-based water purifier, phosphatic fertilizers, crop nutrients
  • Locations- Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Noida, Kolkata
  • Website name- http://www.tatachemicals.com/


  • Name of Chairman and MD- Shri M.B Parekh
  • Year of establishment- 1959
  • Turnover– 2500 Crores
  • Products- Automotive, fabric care, leather chemicals, Industrial Adhesive, Industrial Resins
  • Location- Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kanpur
  • Website name- http://www.pidilite.com/

Nirma Limited

  • Year of establishment- 1969
  • Products- soda ash, pure salt, washing powder, soap
  • Location- Ahmadabad, Gujarat
  • Website name- http://www.nirma.co.in/

Hikal Limited

  • Year of establishment– 1988
  • Products- Crop protection, industrial chemicals, healthcare
  • Locations- Pune, Mysore
  • Website name- http://www.kalyanigroup.com/hikal.asp

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company Limited

  • Year of establishment- 1976
  • Products- manufacturing of different fertilizers
  • Website name- www.gnfc.in


  • Name of MD – Mr. R.S Jalan
  • Products- chemical based products, textile products
  • Locations- Noida, Ahmadabad
  • Website name- http://ghclindia.com/

Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd

  • Year of establishment- 1973
  • Products- Caustic Soda, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Cyanide, Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Location (s)- Gujarat, India
  • Website name- http://www.gujaratalkalies.com

Atul Limited

  • Name of Executive Director – Mr Bharathy Mohanan
  • Products- Beauty products, Adhesive, plastics, paper, leather etc
  • Location- Gujarat (India)
  • Website name- http://www.atul.co.in/

Aarti Industries Limited

  • Name of Chairman- Mr. Chandrakant Gogri
  • Year of establishment- 1975
  • Products- Dyes, Pigments, Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals & rubber chemicals
  • Location- Mumbai, India
  • Website name- http://www.aartigroup.com/

India Glycols

  • Year of establishment- 1983
  • Products- chemicals, acetates, natural gums, potable alcohol
  • Locations- Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kolkata
  • Website name- http://www.indiaglycols.com/

Phillips Carbon

  • Name of Chairman- Sanjiv Goenka
  • Products- coal tar pitch, creosote oil and naphthalene
  • Locations- Kolkata, Durgapur, Kochi, Mundra, Palej
  • Website name- http://www.pcblltd.com

Vikas WSP

  • Name of Chairman and MD- B D Agarwal
  • Products- bakery, noodles, diet foods, oil and natural gas exploration, explosives and mining
  • Locations- Udyog Vihar, Sri Gangbanger, India
  • Website name- http://www.vikaswspltd.in/

Solar Industries Ltd

  • Name of founder- Shri Satyanarayan Nandlal Nuwal
  • Year of establishment-1995
  • Products- Cartridge, Detonators, Defense, DF boosters
  • Location- Nagpur, India
  • Website name- http://solargroup.com/

Guj Flourochem

  • Name of MD- Vivek Jain
  • Turnover– $ 2 billion
  • Products- chemicals, carbon trading, Flurospeciality chemicals
  • Locations– Noida, Gujarat, Mumbai, Chennai
  • Website name- http://www.gfl.co.in

Himadri Chem

  • Products- oil tar pitch, chemical oils, carbon black, naphthalene, advanced carbon material, corrosion protection
  • Location- Kolkata
  • Website name- http://www.himadri.com/

Linde India

  • Turnover- sales of EUR 15.280 bn
  • No. of employees- 62,000 employees
  • Products- construction, project management,
  • Locations- Gujarat, New Delhi, Mumbai
  • Website name- http://www.linde-india.com/

Jayanti Agro Org

  • Products- Cosmetics, agriculture, industries, lubricants, electronics
  • Locations- Mumbai, Baroda
  • Website name- http://www.jayantagro.com/

Thirumalai Chem

  • Year of establishment- 1976
  • Products- Malic Acid, Fumaric Acid, Phthalic Angydride
  • Locations- Mumbai, Chennai
  • Website name- www.thirumalaichemicals.com

Deepak Nitriate

  • Name of Chairman- C K Mehta
  • Turnover- 1000 Crores
  • Products- Bulk commodity intermediates, fine specialty intermediates, etc
  • Website name- http://www.deepaknitrite.com/
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