Top 15 Malls in India

There are over 30 grand Shopping Malls in India spread across 8 to 10 major cities. Every year a brand new swanky shopping mall is built in one of the major cities of the country.

People go to these malls for shopping and fun. Malls are certainly better than open bazaars in many respects. You can have a great time besides shopping. You can eat, catch a movie and shop at just one place.

The whole experience is very pleasant.

Therefore, real estate companies are building new malls in every city of the country. In this article we are giving you a list of top 16 malls in India.

1. Phoenix Market City, Mumbai 

Phoenix Market city mall is the number one and the oldest mall in the country. The mall is spread across 40,50,000+ acres of land.

Phoenix Mall is so big that it has over 600 retail outlets and 14 multiplexes screen. Yes, it is 14 not 5 or 6.

There are more than 25 big restaurants in the Mall and dozens of kiosks spread across the mall.

The shopping experience that you get at Phoenix Mall is simply world class. Tourists from all over the world come to see this particular mall in India.

The mall started functioning in the year 2010 and it is located at Kurla West.

2. Lulu International Shopping Mall, Kochi 

Perhaps this should be number one in our list. But Lulu International Shopping Mall is one of the most famous shopping malls in India.

The Mall is built by famous billionaire Mr M A Yusuf Ali and it opened in the year 2013.

The mall is spread across 17,00,000 square feet of land. The mall has 5 floors and over 9 PVR multiplexes screen.

Lulu has got 18 multi cuisine kitchens where 4000+ people can sit and eat at one time.

Apart from restaurants the mall has party hall, in built amusement park, 5D cinema hall etc.

You can also exchange money and do banking in the mall.

3. DLF Mall of India, Noida 

DLF Mall of India is third in our list because of its sheer size. The mall is spread across over 2 million square feet of land.

It has got over 7 floors and at least 350 stores.

The mall is famous for clothing and apparels. It has over 100 fashion brands.

In short the DLF Mall of India has 75 restaurants, over 80 kiosks and 7 PVR multiplexes screen.

4. Mantri Square, Bangalore 

Mantri Mall is fourth in our list not because of its size but quality.

The mall is spread across 17,000,00 square feet of area with over 5 floors in it.

The mall has over 10,000 local and international brands and over 250 retail outlets.

It has just 1 innox multiplexes and and a 7D cinema.

Apart from the Mantri Mall has got various services that you don’t find in other malls.

5. Phoenix Mall, Pune 

Phoenix Mall in Pune is spread across 34,00,000 square feet. This mall is also developed by Phoenix Mills Limited.

It opened in the year 2013 and has all the services like guest rooms, huge parking space, guest services etc.

For entertainment it has one multiplex, gaming arcade, live performances etc. You shop for over 100 clothing brands in the mall.

It has over 50 restaurants and many small kiosks.

6. DB City Mall, Bhopal 

DB city mall is located in Bhopal and it is the biggest mall in the city opened in the year 2012.

Surprisingly the DB City Mall is owned by the DainikBhaskar Group.

The mall is spread across over 1.3 Million Square feet of area.You can shop, eat and watch movies.

It has over 9 international brand restaurants, 1 multiplex with 9 screens and dozens of retail stores for shopping.

7. Phoenix Mall, Chennai 

After building Malls in Mumbai and Pune Phoenix Mills decided to open a new mall in Chennai.

It is the biggest mall in Chennai spread across 1.1 million square feet of land.

The mall has got over 250 retail outlets, 30 branded restaurants and a multiplex with 11 screens.

The mall was opened in 2013.

8. Select Citywalk, New Delhi 

Select Citywalk is one of the oldest malls in the country. It was opened in 2007.

The mall is spread across 1.3 million square feet with 3 floors, 180+ stores and a PVR multiplex with 6 screens.

The best thing about the Select Citywalk is the outdoor open plaza spread across 10,000 square feet.

9. The Great India Place Shopping Mall, Noida 

The Great India Place Shopping Mall is spread across 1.5 million square feet.

The mall has 8 anchor stores with over 230 national and international brands. For entertainment there is one Big Cinema with 6 screens that can seat over 1200 people in one time.

The entire mall sits on 3 floors.

10. Z Square Shopping Mall, Kanpur 

Z Square Shopping Mall is the biggest Mall in Kanpur. The Mall is spread across 1.5 million square feet with over 5 floors.

The mall started functioning in the year 2010. It has got all the facilities and there is nothing special about the mall.

Z Square has over 130 branded retail stores and restaurants.

11. Elante Mall, Chandigarh 

Elante Mall is third largest mall in India in terms of leasing area. It is spread across 1.1 million square feet with over 4 floors.

Elante Mall has got over 50 most popular restaurants, PVR cinema with 8 screens, gaming arcade and also a play zone.

The mall was opened in the year 2013 and now it is owned by Carnival Group.

12. Alpha One Shopping Mall, Ahmedabad 

Alpha One mall was launched in the year 2011. The Mall is spread across 706,000 square feet area with 3 floors.

Alpha One Shopping Mall is a mixed mall which has got everything in it.

For shopping Alpha One has a mainly Indian brand available. Food there is mainly vegetarian and you can watch movies in Cinepolis.

13. In Orbit Mall, Hyderabad 

In Orbit Mall is actually located in Cyberabad. The mall spreads across 1.4 square feet.

In Orbit Mall have over 100 retail stores for shopping and eating. For fun and entertainment, you can watch movies at PVR cinema, play sports and gaming arcades.

You can also attend events and performances.

14. North Country Mall, Mohali 

North Country Mall is one of the largest malls in Punjab.

The food court itself is over 36,000 square feet where 1400+ people can sit at one time.

It has over 30 multi cuisine restaurants, 45,000 square feet open terrace banquet hall and Skylight social hub.

The mall is spread across 1.8 million square feet with a retail space of over 1.3 million square feet.

You can imagine how big the mall is.

15. South City Mall, Kolkata 

Second last Mall in our list South City Mall located in Kolkata. The mall is spread across 650,000 square feet area with 5 floors.

It has got over 150 retail stores; most of them are branded stores.

There is a foot court on the top floor and a INOX multiplex with 6 screens that seat around 1500 people.

The mall was opened in 2008.

16. Lotus Mall, Mangalore 

The last one in the list is Lotus Mall in Mangalore. Lotus mall is spread across 900,000 square feet.

It has over 100+ retail stores, 1 auditorium and one multiplex with 8 screens.

So these were 16 big shopping malls from all over India.

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