Top Asset Reconstruction Companies in India

Asset reconstruction companies are very new to India because the concept is very recent. Government of India sanctioned the formation of securitization Companies and Restructuring Companies (`SC/RCs`) under the Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002. Hence Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has granted certificates of registration of 13…

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Top Aquaculture Companies in India

We wrote this article to tell you about aquaculture companies operating in India. Before you know about the companies you must know what aquaculture is. Aquaculture is aqua farming where you farm aquatic organisms like fish, mollusks and aquatic plants. These companies produce high quality fish, shrimp, prawns and other seafood that we love to…

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Top 15 Glass Companies in India

Glass is used by almost every part of our daily life from automobile to architectural, from cold drink bottle to test tubes and from fibre optics to scanning machine. Hence you need companies that could manufacture glasses on daily basis so that demand in the market is kept under control. In India there are some…

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Top 10 Cab Service Providers in India

cab services

Who wants to take a Kaala Peela taxi or an Auto Rickshaw when you have some of the best cab services available in your city. Do you know its cheaper to travel in a cool cab than an auto rickshaw if you use coupons & offers provided by the cab companies. Here I created a…

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Top 10 Rivers in India

How much do you know about the different rivers flowing in India? India has over seven major rivers which are mentioned in this article apart from other three. Total India has around 25 to 30 big and small rivers. The biggest rivers originate from Himalayas and drains into Bay of Bengal. India depends upon these…

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Top 10 Cricket Stadiums in India

cricket stadiums

World Cup is over and IPL 8 has just begun. So I thought of writing an article about some of the biggest cricket stadiums in India dedicated to all diehard cricket fans. We have included some of the most famous cricket stadiums in India that have hosted some of the historic matches in cricketing history.…

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