Top 15 List of Private Banks in India

In India, there are many private banks along with public sector banks. They are as popular as nationalized banks among the people. People trust them and their revenue is growing every year.

Some of the private banks mentioned here are more popular than many of the nationalized bank. So before dealing with any of the private bank, you should know some of the important details about that bank.

So let us see top 15 private banks in India.

1. HDFC Bank

  • Establishing Year: HDFC is the largest bank in India by market capitalization founded in the year 1994 Private Banks
  • Banking Services: Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, life insurance, loans and HDFC is best of home loans and car loans
  • Total Assets: Total Assets is $67 Billion, Revenue is $6.5 Billion, Total Equity is $$8.6 Billion, Operating Income is $2 Billion, Profit is over $1 Billion this year
  • Headquarters & Employees: Based in Mumbai, the bank has over 70,000 employees with 3000+ branches, 11,000+ ATMs in over 2000 cities in India.
  • Website:

2. ICICI Bank

  • Establishing Year: ICICI is the second largest private bank in India by market capitalization established in 1954. Two key people associated with the bank are K V Kamath and Chanda Kochhar
  • Banking Services: Account Deposits, Loans, Cards, wealth Management, NRI banking and ICICI bank is open on Saturdays also and daily it closes at 5 pm unlike other banks that closes at 3 pm
  • Total Assets: Total assets has dropped to $99 Billion, Revenue is $13 Billion, Total Equity is over $12 Billion, and Profit is $1.6 Billion
  • Headquarters & Employees: Based in Mumbai with 81,000+ Employees and operations all over India and overseas also
  • Website:

3. Axis Bank

  • Establishing Year: Third largest private sector bank was founded in year 1994 as UTI bank. Shikha Sharma is the MD and CEO of the bank
  • Banking Services: Safe deposit locker is the best product of Axis bank.
  • Total Assets: Total assets is Rs 3.4 Trillion, net income is Rs 52 billion, Revenue is Rs 340 billion and profit is Rs 27 Billion
  • Headquarters & Employees: Corporate Office is in Mumbai with 40,000+ employees, 2000+ branches and 11,000+ ATMs, it also operates in Sikkim at height of 4023 feet
  • Website:

4. Kotak Mahindra Bank

  • Establishing Year: Established in 1985 by Uday Kotak is an Indian Private Bank
  • Banking Services: Deposit accounts, Loans, Investment services, life & health insurance and mutual funds are best services from Kotak Mahindra
  • Total Assets: Total revenue of the bank is over $2 billion and Net income is $250 million
  • Headquarters & Employees: Headquartered in Mumbai bank has 500 branches and 1000 ATMs
  • Website:

5. Yes Bank

  • Establishing Year: Yes Bank is very young bank founded in 2004 by Rana Kapoor
  • Banking Services: Corporate Banking, commercial banking, investment banking, and it is best for NRIs. You could also pay your bills instantly
  • Total Assets: Total assets of the bank is $16 Billion, revenue is $1.5 billion and net income is over $210 million
  • Headquarters & Employees: Based in Mumbai, company has over 7000 employees, 450 branches and 1000+ ATMs
  • Website:

6. ING Vysya Bank

  • Establishing Year: ING Vysya Bank was founded in 2002 and Dutch ING group is the stake holder in this bank
  • Banking Services: Preferred Banking, Saving and Current accounts, demat, Forex services, lockers etc. One of the best retail banks in India
  • Total Assets: Total assets of the bank is less than $9 billion and revenue is over $900 million
  • Headquarters & Employees: Headquartered in Bangalore with over 10,000 employees, 500+ branches and 400+ ATMs
  • Website:

7. IndusInd Bank

  • Establishing Year: IndusInd Bank was established in 1994 and Dr Manmohan Singh inaugurated this bank. The owner of this private bank is Hinduja Group
  • Banking Services: Banking for individuals, banking for NRIs, Banking for business owners, loans, debit cards etc
  • Total Assets: Total Revenue is $520 Million, Total assets over $1 Billion, Net income is around $75 Million
  • Headquarters & Employees: Bank is based in Mumbai, with 440 branches, 800+ ATMs, with over 4000 employees all over the country.
  • Website:

8. Dhanalakshmi Bank

  • Establishing Year: Dhanalakshmi Bank was established in 1927 and it operates mainly in southern states of India.
  • Banking Services: Personal banking, corporate banking, NRI banking, Micro && Agri Banking, SME Banking and they launched Dhanlaxmi Platinum and Gold Credit cards in 2010
  • Total Assets: Total Assets is Rs 600 Crore, Net Profit is Rs 50 Crore
  • Headquarters & Employees: Headquartered in Thrissur, Kerala and mainly operates in four southern states of India. Over 5000+ employees work for the bank
  • Website:

9. Federal Bank

  • Establishing Year: In terms of capital base Federal Bank is fourth largest bank in India and it was founded in 1945
  • Banking Services: Accounts and Deposits, Loans, Cards, Banking Services, Insurance & Investments, SME business, Agri Business etc
  • Total Assets: Rs 500+ Crore in Revenue
  • Headquarters & Employees: Bank is headquartered in Kochi, Kerala and it has over 1150 branches, 1271 ATMs, 100+ Cities with 7000+ employees
  • Website:

10. Jammu & Kashmir Bank

  • Establishing Year: J & K Bank was established on October 1, 1938 is one of greatest private banks in India
  • Banking Services: Loans, Insurance, saving, and deposits, mutual funds, NRI banking
  • Total Assets: Total Asset is $11 Billion, Revenue is $1.1 Billion, Net income is $170 Million, operating income is $450 million
  • Headquarters & Employees: Bank is headquartered in Srinagar, J & K, with a network of 750 branches, 750 ATMs and over 10,000 employees across the country
  • Website:

11. Lakshmi Vilas Bank

  • Establishing Year: The bank was established in 1926 founded by Ramalinga Chettiar and is one of the small private banks in India.
  • Banking Services: Deposits, Loans, NRI services some of the new offerings are Prepaid gift card, E tax payment, Visa Cashback campaign
  • Total Assets: Total assets is Rs 25,000+ Crore and Revenue is Rs 14,000 Crore
  • Headquarters & Employees: Headquartered in Karur, India, the bank has over 362 branches, 400 ATMs in 15 states with over 4000 employees
  • Website:

12. Ratnakar Bank

  • Establishing Year: RBL bank was established in 1943
  • Banking Services: Personal Banking, NRI banking, commercial banking, agri banking, Micro and Small business banking
  • Total Assets: Rs 14,500 Crore in revenue and Rs 1100 Crore in Net Profit
  • Headquarters & Employees: Headquartered in Kholapur, Maharashtra with over 160 branches, 300 ATMs across 12 states and 4000+ employees.
  • Website:

13. HSBC Bank

  • Although HSBC is not an Indian bank but huge private bank present in India. Similarly next two banks also.
  • Establishing Year: Founded in 1865 and has a huge presence in India
  • Banking Services: NRI services, home loans, personal loans, credit cards, debit cards, etc
  • Total Assets: Total assets is $2.6 Trillion and Operating income is $22 billion
  • Headquarters & Employees: London with over 300,000 employees
  • Website:

14. Bank of America

  • Establishing Year: Founded in 1998 with a significance presence in India.
  • Banking Services: Consumer to Corporate banking, loans, Mortgage, but in India bank is only good for corporate banking
  • Total Assets: $2.2 Trillion and Revenue of Rs 95 Billion
  • Headquarters & Employees: North Carolina with 250,000 employees
  • Website:

15. Deutsche Bank

  • Establishing Year: German Bank established in 1870
  • Banking Services: Fixed deposits, Loans, to personal banking, cards, NRI banking etc Bank is best for business lending
  • Total Assets: 33 Billion Euro, Profit is 237 Million Euros
  • Headquarters & Employees: Frankfurt, Germany, with over 100,000 employees worldwide
  • Website:

These were list of top 15 private banks operating in India. I recommend you to visit their personal website and find out what every bank has to offer.

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