Top 10 Real Estates Companies in India

You might ask why I should know about real estate or construction companies in India.

Well! Everyone has to buy a home in his life sooner or later. Today, even 1BHK in a city like Mumbai could cost you Rs 1 Crore. Prices of real estate are very high and you have to pay your hard earned money just for buying a flat.

Hence you cannot afford to take risk when you are buying a flat from a developer. It’s your right to know everything about the developer or the company from which you will be buying a flat.

Before, you buy a flat you need to keep various things in your mind. In this blog post we give you 10 best real estate companies in India that are known for excellence in their field.

One more thing that I would like to add here, they build not just homes but properties for office use also.

Ranking System: In our every blog post we would like to clarify out ranking system. Here we ranked 10 companies on following parameters:

  • a) People who have purchased properties from these companies and they are really satisfied in terms of location, security, other amenities & price.
  • b) Future projects of these companies which looks very promising for housing as well as businesses.
  • c) Market Capitalization of companies and value of their shares in the stock market.

So these are parameters on which we decide to rank a real estate company.

Hence, this is the list.

1. DLF

DLF is an iconic brand in India as far as real estate is concerned. DLF is the number one company inDLF India and no other company comes even close to it.

Moreover, as the country grows DLF will be going to expand rapidly in coming days.

  • Founder: DLF was founded by KP Singh in year 1946. Although initially company was bit dormant but it started growing rapidly in yearly 90’s.
  • Now under the leadership of KP Singh it has emerged as world’s leading player as far as real estate business is concerned.
  • Market Value: Total turnover generated by this company is Rs 25,000 crore. Number one in India.
  • Construction Business: DLF constructs many other things except homes. Like structures for Commercial and Retail sector also.
  • Website:

2. Oberoi Realty

Oberoi Realty is second company in our top 10 list of real estate companies. Flats constructed by Oberoi’s are for upscale clients. In simple words, they are very costly at least 80% higher than flats constructed by other developers. oberoi reality

So flats developed by this particular developer are very posh and everyone cannot afford it.


  • Founder: Right now the managing director is Vikas Oberoi. It was founded by Oberoi family in 1980.
  • Market Value: Total revenue generated is Rs 5647 crore way less than DLF.
  • Construction Business: Apart from residential flat they also construct hotels, retail and social infrastructure also.
  • Website:

3. Jaypee Infratech Ltd

You might have heard about Jaypee cement, although its core business is not constructing residential flats but still it is 3rd best company in our top 10 list. Jaypee Infratech

Flats constructed by them are very good and affordable.

  • Founder: Jaypee Infratech was founded by Jai Prakash Gaur in year 2007. You could imagine how young this company is. It has grown rapidly over the last 5 years. The company is headquartered at Noida.
  • Market Value: its market value is well over Rs 5000 crore.
  • Construction Business: Jaypee is perhaps most diverse real estate company in India. Apart from building residential flats Jaypee Ltd is responsible for many industrial outputs also. They also develop infrastructure for recreational activities like parks and educational institutions.
  • Website:

4. Godrej Group

You might have heard about Godrej. Like Jaypee Ltd Godrej company is very diverse and they manufacture many other commercial goods apart from building flats. godrej_properties

The apartments are very good and we rank it 4th in our list.

  • Founder: Godrej group was founded by Adi Godrej in 1990. It is headquartered in Mumbai near Vikroli. The presence of Godrej company in real estate business could be seen in Mumbai but it is very limited when it comes ton other cities of the country.
  • Market Value: The company’s total turnover is around Rs 3800 crore.
  • Construction Business: Apart from residential complex they also construct township projects also.
  • Website:


5. Prestige Estate

Although, according to market capitalization prestige is third largest real estate company after DLF and Oberoi realty but according to our ranking system we prefer the customer satisfaction over thePrestige Estates fact that how big company is.

Therefore Presitge estate is really great at developing commercials complexes like shopping malls, golf course over residential flats.

  • Founder: Prestige estate was founded by Razak Sattar in 1986. It is Bangalore based company that reaches out to many other metropolitan cities of India.
  • Market Value: Total turnover is Rs 4400 crore.
  • Construction Business: They develop commercial offices, shopping malls, hotels, villas etc.
  • Website:

6. Sobha Developers

Sobha developer is a multinational real estate company with footprints in Gulf countries also. It isJobs Sobha Developers Limited 6th best company in our top 10 list of real estate companies in India.

If you live in Bangalore you could get an apartment build by Sobha developers.

  • Founder: The Company was founded by PNC Menon in Bangalore. It is Bangalore based company that is engaged in many projects in the city.
  • Market Value: Sobha developers market value is around Rs 3200 crore.
  • Construction: They develop townships, housing projects, commercial premises etc.
  • Website:

7. Omaxe Ltd

Omaxe is 7th top real estate company in India. omaxe-ltd

The township projects of Omaxe are really great compared to flats.

  • Founder: The company was founded by Rohtas Goel in 1989. The company is located in New Delhi.
  • Market Value: The total turnover of the company is around Rs 2400 crore.
  • Construction Business: Residential flats, townships, commercial infrastructure.
  • Website:


8. Puravankara

Puravankara is 8th in our top 10 list of real estate companies. Purvankara is a real estate companyPuravankara that mainly focuses in cities of southern India.

  • Founder: Company was founded in 1986 in Mumbai. Interestingly few years back the company was shifted from Mumbai to Bangalore.
  • Market Value: The market value of the company is Rs 1755 crore. The company has achieved many milestones and is all set to achieve many more.
  • Construction Business: They construct residential homes, townships, villas etc.
  • Website:

9. Parsvnath Developers Ltd

Parsvnath developers is 9th largest real estate company in India. parsvnath developers

The residential flats constructed by the company are really great if you live in New Delhi NCR area.

  • Founder: The company was founded by Pradeep Kumar Jain in year 2000. The company is based in New Delhi and develops the area surrounding the Delhi NCR.
  • Market Value: The market value of the company is Rs 1200 crore.
  • Construction Business: They develop commercial properties, malls and hotels.
  • Website:


10. DB Realty

db realtyDB realty is last in our countdown list.

  • Founder: The company was founded by Vinod Goneka and Shahid Balwa in 2007. It is also very young company like Jaypee Infratech Ltd. It is located in Mumbai.
  • Market Value: The total asset of the company is around Rs 1400 crore.
  • Construction Business: They are into residential as well as commercial both, present mainly in Mumbai.
  • Website:

We have ranked the companies on the basis of customer satisfaction not necessarily on the market capitalization.

There could be many other real estate companies that we missed out but according to us these 10 are the best.


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