Top 11 Tallest Buildings in India

Do you know the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa is over 1000 meters high.

What about tallest buildings here in India. How tall are they compared to Burj Khalifa?

So were decided to give you a list of 11 tallest buildings in India that you can compared to Burj Khalifa.




1.     World One and Palais Royale

World One will be the tallest building in India when it is completed in the year 2016.palais-royale

World One is almost 442 meters tall and it will have over 117 floors in it.

The building is a residential tower and not an office building. The cost of construction of the building is under $1 Billion.

World One is located in the Mumbai City.

Palais Royale was completed in the year 2015 with 88 floors and 320 meter high.


2.     Imperial Tower 1 and Imperial Tower 2imperial-towers

There are two towers for second position. Imperial Tower 1 and Imperial Tower 2.

The height of Imperial Tower 1 is around 254 meters high with 61 storey and it was completed in the year 2010.

Imperial Tower 2 is also 254 meters high with 60 storeys.

It took 5 years to complete these buildings and it was developed by Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd.


3.     Ahuja Towers


The third building in our list is Ahuja Towers. The building is 250 meters high with 53 floors in it.

Ahuja Towers is also a residential tower.

The building is located in Mumbai.


4.     World Crest


World Crest is around 223 meters tall with over 57 floors in the building.

This is a residential building that was completed in the year 2014.

The building is constructed by the Lodha Group with a cost of around $300 million.


5.     Lodha Bellissimo A & B & C


Lodha Bellissimo A & B is 222 meters tall and have 53 floors in them.

This is also constructed by the Lodha group and was completed in the year 2012.

Located in Mumbai a flat in this building could cost you more than Rs 12 Crore.

Bellissimo C is also 222 meters tall with 53 floors in it.


6.     Kohinoor Square


Kohinoor Square is around 203 meters high with 52 floors in it.

The building is used for both residential and commercial purpose.

The construction was completed in the year 2013. It was built by Kohinoor Group with a cost of $350 million approx.


7.     Vivarea 1, 2, 3


Vivarea 1, 2 and 3 is 200 meters tall with 45 floors in it. The building was completed in the year 2012.

These are three residential building build one after another by the Raheja Group.


8.     Ashok Towers D  ashok-towers

Ashok Towers D is around 193 meters tall with 49 floors in it. It is also located in Mumbai and was completed in the year 2009.


9.     Orchid Woods 1, 2, 3


Orchid Woods is a triplet with three buildings each 190 meters tall having 55 floors in it.

The buildings were completed in the year 2013. Orchid woods was developed by DB house.

An apartment can cost over Rs 3 Crore to Rs 5 Crore.


10.The 42


Although The 42 should have been very up in the list because it is 252 meters tall with 62 floors in it. But The 42 is located in Kolkata and all the other buildings in the list were located in Mumbai so we mentioned it last.


11.Lodha Fiorenza


The last building that we would like to include is Lodha Fiorenza 1 which is 225 meters long and has 62 floors in it.

It was completed in the year 2015.

You will find none of these buildings come close to Burj Khalifa in height.


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