Anupama 10TH March 2023 Written Update: Maaya Brainwashes Little Anu

Tiny Anu returns home joyfully with Anupama and Anuj. Ankush and Barkha inquire as to their travels. Tiny Anu flew by private plane from Mumbai to her ashram. Ankush claims she must have had a great time. Little Anu claims she made new friends, gave them gifts, and even had fun at a beach.

Maaya approaches them on foot. Anuj said they had far more fun than just the school picnic. Tiny Anu is called over by Maaya, who treats her well. Tiny Anu proudly displays her selfies that were taken. Maaya queries Anuj and Anupama about if they went to the ashram secretly to gather proof against her. Anupama asserts that Maaya is not the centre of the universe and that if they had to gather proof, they would have done it before allowing Maaya to be near Little Anu.

Maaya apologises, she felt. Anupama thinks she should try trusting others because she is aware that people who betray others’ trust don’t do it lightly. Anupama is asked by Anuj not to necessarily ruin her mood and to get ready because they will have coffee together before going out to supper. Maaya claims she will take a morning flight because she was unable to get a night ticket; should she reserve a hotel room or may she stay here tonight? She can stay put and go in the morning, according to Anupama. Maaya thanks her before engaging Tiny Anu in conversation. Anupama worriesly queries Anuj as to whether Maaya will accompany Little Anu or travel alone.

Pakhi, Adhik, Kinjal, and Kavya prepare at the Shah residence for Anupama’s birthday celebration at the dancing academy. Hasmukh claims he is exhausted and will thus stay at home to care for Pari. If Anupama and Anuj are her enemies, why didn’t they invite Leela and Vanraj?, Leela questions. Hasmukh makes light of the fact that Leela dislikes Anupama, common sense, and good manners.

He allegedly teases Leela often. Vanraj queries why Kavya is attending since only young people have been invited. Because they invited even her, according to Kavya, they would have invited him as well. They are asked by Leela not to bring Toshu along. Toshu says he wants to go. They will take care of Toshu, according to Samar. They all depart, bidding them farewell. Leela claims that Anupama omitted their invitations on intentionally. Even he wouldn’t have invited her, so why would they ruin their birthday by doing so, Hasmukh wonders.

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