Anupama 11TH March 2023 Written Update:

Tiny Anu hears Maaya say that although she had believed they could all live together happily, that is no longer possible. Why, wonders young Anu? Maaya claims that because of her, Anuj and Anupama would fight, thus she must leave; yet, she is unable to stay without her.

She claims that since she left Little Anu in the ashram, she has been dying every day; Anupama is left alone despite having her three children and many other family members, including Little Anu. On the song Kuch Na Kaho, every couple dances at Anupama’s birthday celebration. Tiny Anu asks Maaya how she’ll manage being by herself.

Maaya claims that she will often wait for her calls and scream and writhe in pain for her as long as she can be left alone since all she wants to do is see her happy. She portrays crying when she does so. Afterwards, to the tune Lagjaa Gale Ke Phir Ye Haseen Raat Na Ho, Anuj and Anupama dance fervently. Everybody applauds them.

Maaya keeps putting Little Anu through emotional blackmail while asking why god stole each romance from her and commenting on how tough it is to be alone. She claims that if her daughter is not with her, she will suffocate to death. Little Anu promises that she would go with Maaya and that she won’t stay here if her parents start fighting over her.

Maaya thanks her and laughs. Anupama and Anuj giggle as they head back home. Anupama gives Anuj a hug and praises him for making her birthday the greatest ever. Anuj expresses gratitude to her for marrying him; otherwise, he would have lived a life of singledom. They continue to chuckle as they mimic one other’s nazar. Anupama calls Anuj in shock as she enters Little Anu’s room. Anuj rushes over and queries what happened. Anupama displays Little Anu’s abandoned closet along with a farewell note. Both of them are distraught.

Anupama shouts, and Barkha, Ankush, and Dimpy run to her room. Anupama asks how Maaya could possibly have done this, jolts Anuj back to reality, and then advises them to go look for Little Anu. Ankush queries what transpired. Anupama claims that Maaya abducted Little Anu.

Kavya is delivered home by Anirudh. After reading Dimpy’s message, Kavya runs inside her house in panic and tells her family that Maaya and Little Anu managed to go. Anuj makes a call to his contacts and requests that they quickly locate Little Anu and Maaya. Ankush claims he searched the neighbourhood but was unable to locate them; Maaya reportedly took several cabs to evade Video cameras. Anuj is still in fear. Anupama believes that she must remain cool and not panic. When she does, Maaya calls. Shahs express their outrage over Maaya’s wicked deed.

Hasmukh worries for Anuj and Anupama. Leela asks how they will know if Little Anu left on her own or if Maaya kidnapped her. Children, according to Samar, are easily tricked. Leela holds Anupama accountable for allowing Maaya to remain at home and assisting her in removing Little Anu. Anuj receives a video call from Little Anu on Maaya’s phone. Anuj calls out to her, asking where she is and why she left without telling them; he will go get her. Tiny Anu begs him not to come because she already gone with Maaya and is overjoyed that they are leaving and going far.

Anupama informs Anuj that Little Anu is departing. She begs Maaya to permit them to briefly meet Little Anu. One final statement from Maaya.

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