Anupama 13th March 2023 Written Update:

Each relative recalls the good times they shared with Toshu and his prior exuberance. Samar tells Anupama that he was completely mistaken when he said that nothing could be worse than this, but all of a sudden, something even more unfortunate happened. Adhik comforts her.

Anupama walks away right away and repeatedly mutters that she shouldn’t cry and should take care of her child in her trademark style. Tiny Anu’s phone rings with a call from Maaya, who has some news about Toshu. She claims that he is ill and asks her to take care of Little Anu since she can’t live without her.

She is told not to worry by Maaya. Little Anu’s tummy is upset, so Anupama requests that she refrain from giving her any pizza or hamburgers. Maaya claims she is aware that she is a mother since she learned this from Dimpy and Anuj. Anupama expresses her gratitude for hearing it and asks to speak to Little Anu when she returns. Maaya learns a little bit about Little Anu.

Barkha approaches Maaya while strolling and claims that Anupama’s absence gave her the chance to dominate Little Anu. Maaya asserts that she can do that because she did it before Anupama and that nobody can stop her because she was away from her young daughter and understands the fear of losing her that Barkha cannot. Barkha requests that she not think of herself in terms of their family and tells her that she must leave this house after 15 days.

Maaya warns her not to meddle in other people’s business. Barkha adds, “You too.” Kinjal sobs while holding Aupama and questions how she can feel when Vanraj is in the emergency room after they split up. Anupama considers the situation and states that lengthy associations don’t always come to an end with easily. According to Kinjal, she immediately disregarded Toshu’s errors and only thought of his adoration. Anupama advises her that she would face many difficult situations in the future and should simply meet them without thinking too much, as she will find her answers in them.

She claims that the same thing happened to him. Kinjal thanks her for helping to make her feel better. Anupama advises against thanking Maa and asks that she reunite with Hasmukh and Leela so that she can spend the entire time with Kionjal.

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