Anupama 16th March 2023 Written Update:

Rakhi informs Leela that she will reserve Toshu a full-time male medical carer. Leela yells, assuming that she has become upset. Rakhi questions why this family raises objections to everything when she is merely maintaining a male attendant and withholding supari.

As they are there to deal with Toshu, Leela asks why it would be a good idea for them to require a pariah. Who else will help, Kinjal? asks Rakhi. There is a limit to how much Kinjal will suffer for Toshu; she even cares about Pari and her career. Vanraj and Leela, according to Leela, will assist. Rakhi wonders why people from the working class have trouble asking for help and raising issues. Kavya is behind Rakhi.

Rakhi asserts that Kinjal must meet with her UK clients right away since Kinjal’s business clients won’t understand her concern. Kinjal claims to be aware yet feels that Toshu needs company. Rakhi claims that despite her long hours spent preparing for this event, all of her hard work will be in vain; it also concerns Toshu and her future and career; she would prefer not to accept my help but really needs to try to assist the Shah family; etc.

Leela yells once more, repeating her earlier statement that Toshu didn’t require a male nurse. Rakhi is correct, says Kinjal; she, Kavya, and Samar must tend to their jobs and cannot spend much time with Toshu; Leela and Hasmukh are too old to lift Toshu alone; and Vanraj alone cannot assist; she disapproves of Toshu but will continue to support him; they really need a male medical attendant; and she asks Vanraj to understand her concern. Vanraj agrees and asks her to leave.

Leela questions how might be here then, at that point. They’ll all get by, according to Kavya. Pakhi promises to handle Pari. As Kinjal gets ready for work, she informs Toshu that she will be returning shortly. As Maaya sees Anupama and Anuj spoiling Little Anu, she becomes envious. She is insulted by Barkha, who claims that even though Maaya gave birth to Little Anu, Anupama raised her, thus Maaya should pack her bags and go since she won’t leave Anuj and Anupama.

Vanraj is asked to continue taking a nap by Leela and Hasmukh. They should continue to rest and take as much time as is necessary, according to Vanraj, who claims he is exhausted but can’t sleep. According to Hasmukh, he won’t put more pressure on his children. Leela learns some information about Toshu because Samar and she both check on him frequently.

She describes how Samar and Adhik supported them and explains why people fail to recognise young men’s efforts. She wonders why Kavya hasn’t returned yet and what the cause might be. Kavya informs Vanraj over the phone that her shooting has been postponed and that she will return at the start of the following day. Leela has faith that someone will allay their worries using an enchanted wand.

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