Anupama 17th March 2023 Written Update:

Leela claims that they consider Kinjal to be their girl. That is the problem, according to Rakhi; those they love make their lives miserable like Anupama’s while those they despise live happy lives. Anupama is happy in her life, yells Leela. Rakhi claims that was her own personal effort, and she predicts that Leela will continue to annoy Anupama and Kinjal.

Vanraj asks her to stop talking. Rakhi tells you to be quiet. Kinjal asks each of the three of them to be quiet. Pari starts to sob. Kinjal comforts her. Samar receives Anupama’s video call and reasons that she shouldn’t be aware of what is happening. He closes the door and answers the phone. Anupama asks if everything is going OK. Samar claims that nothing is okay and that she has high expectations before arriving here. She wants to know why he is speaking softly.

In light of the fact that Toshu is nodding off, he says. Anupama said she needed to visit Toshu because she was feeling restless. Toshu averts his gaze. Toshu is shown by Anupama. Toshu believes he genuinely wants his mother, but there is a struggle because of him, and he won’t bother her. Anupama seems at ease. Leela is perplexed because she needs to cook right now.

She urged them to have a servant and a male medical caretaker, but they only need to trouble their bahus. Rakhi questions Leela and Kinjal about why they haven’t questioned Kavya despite the fact that she has no control over her. A medical carer, according to Leela, cannot treat Toshu like a family member. When they are dealing with Toshu, Leela wonders what caused him to stumble. Vanraj claims Samar made a small error. Rakhi asks him to tell Samar that Toshu should be dealt with constantly because Kinjal is unable to serve as a housekeeper.

Vanraj makes another attempt to speak. Hasmukh suggests that they stop since they are unable to correct other people for their faults and must instead find a way to contain their annoyance so that it doesn’t grow. Vanraj enters his room and considers the remarks Rakhi made about Kavya. He tries to phone Kavya but thinks the number is unreachable, so he walks over to where she works.

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