Anupama 19th March 2023 Written Update:

Vanraj tries to get out of bed after waking up from his nap. He is stopped by Kavya, who queries his destination. He advises you to pay attention to Kinjal and Pari. Kavya asks him to relax now that Toshu’s moment of being incoherent is over.

He feels his heart racing as she leans on his chest. Vanraj claims that he feels bad for Toshu since he had to deal with humiliation in front of Anupama and Anuj and that now everyone should be making fun of him. Kavya predicts that everything would be wonderful after Dussehra. Vanraj asserts that Leela organised the satyanarayan pooja and believes that Ravan Dahan will put an end to all of their wrongdoings and suffering.

The following morning, Leela and Hasmukh organise the pooja rituals. Hasmukh claims that at their age, one resigns and transfers liabilities to children, but he does not anticipate this happening to them anytime soon. According to Leela, she doesn’t think Kinjal will stay at the Shah home for a very long time.

She was happy with her fate given that she had a good in-law and a fabulous in-law, and, surprisingly, her friends used to respect her fate. However, her own nazar/hostile stares fell on her, and their family is now suffering as a result. She claims that she doesn’t want to experience this situation in her family ever again and that she will therefore choose a young woman of her choosing to be Samar.

As she enters, Anupama warns her not to make any mistakes because Samar is close to her heart. Tiny Anu hugs Hasmukh and wishes Leela a happy Dussehra. Anuj bids them a happy Dussehra and asks how she is doing. She makes a yes sign.

When Kinjal comforts Pari, Samar and Paki plot their puja strategy. Anupama asks if she is doing okay and wishes them a happy Dussehra. She makes a yes sign. Samar informs Anupama that they haven’t let Toshu go, but they have also not left him alone. Anupama enlightens him about Leela searching for him in a coalition. Samar claims Leela is too demanding and that he isn’t yet ready for marriage. The final decision, according to Anupama, will be his.

Toshu enters briskly. Anupama asks if he read her message and if he plans to visit a well-being community. He promises to do so after the Satyanarayan pooja. Following the puja, Toshu accepts the gifts from the seniors, hugs Pari, and tells her that her father would miss her. Vanraj advises him not to cut himself off from his feelings for Pari since they will help him change. Toshu promises to make a sincere attempt. He makes a promise to Kinjal as he strolls up to her that he will become a better father and person overall.

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