Anupama Aaj Ka Written Update

Serial Anupama today episode begins with Anupama ending the phone call. Anupama is in deep thought when Anupama’s sister-in-law comes and asks Anupama what are you thinking. Anupama replies nothing bhabhi, Anupama says bhabhi I feel like you should talk to Athik once. He will feel better if you talk to him. He will feel that someone is his own. In the next scene, Pakhi and Athik are having an argument and Athik’s father is also present there.

Anupama Today Written Update

Athik tells Pakhi that today I got angry but you are showing anger since many days, what about that? You have made me fight so many times. Many wrong things have been said about me. Athik gets very angry. Pakhi is listening a lot. Athik says you bother me a lot. Papa, every time a girl is not poor. Boys are infamous but girls are also no less. Whenever you see, the mind keeps on motivating. He has trouble with everything. Athik tells Pakhi that I get upset after listening to your words.

Athik says if we both will sit in that house then who will run this house Pakhi. Because of this, I left the Kapadia house and came to live in this rented house. And she leaves me and rests comfortably at her home. I can do that too. Why am I here only for you. I am not saying that you give me tea and coffee when I come from office. I can do all this myself. I just want someone to listen to me when I come from office. There should be someone to greet you with a smile when you arrive. Pakhi, if you don’t want to work, don’t do it, but you can stay with me. Pakhi says enough is enough. Don’t even bother to make me a villain like mummy.

Athik says don’t know about villain but you are not like actress. Then Pakhi’s father says stop at least. Pakhi says treat my father with respect.

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