Anupama Serial Today Episode Written Update 11 January 2023

Today Anupama serial starts with Anuj and Anupama. Anuj tells Vanraj that my values are to respect elders. There is no respect for the lies of elders. Vanraj – You are calling my mother a liar. Anuj – Of course, your mother is repeatedly calling me the one who insults the elders. I am not telling them anything. This is a complete lie, think with your mind that if Bapuji does not come home, then what is my fault in this.

Anupama – Bapu will not come home by shouting like this. Baa – you just keep quiet, you are nothing less. And Ba says to Vanraj, Vanraj, he has filled Anuj’s particles against me on the same day. And said that because of me I was late and could not participate in the small competition.

I didn’t ask him to go make khichdi for me, on the contrary I asked him to show me the places where all the spices are kept and also tell me how to turn on the gas stove. That’s all, I had to make myself look bad in front of everyone.

Anuj – Ba Anupama has traveled a long way. Anupama changed in this journey, situations changed, relationships changed but you did not change, you are still the same where you were and are talking the same way.

For you and Vanraj, the whole world’s mistakes are Anupama’s mistakes. I have no control over what you both think about Anupama. But after today there should be a control on what both of you speak about Anupama.

Because now I will not let my wife listen to your taunts. Vanraj – Baa is telling the truth. Anupama replies, how do you know that Baa is telling the truth, you were not present here. Vanraj – What Baa is speaking is true. Anupama replies again and says the truth is not what Baa is speaking. Baa thinks she is telling the truth but she is not.

Tell me when did I tell to whom that I was late because of you. Baa replies but the meaning of your saying was the same. Anupama – So what do you mean by saying that I don’t care about anyone. If I didn’t care, I would not have come that day at midnight for Pari. My husband Dev does not allow me to come, what would he have done if he himself brought me with him, he stopped himself.

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