Anupama Written Update 8-12-22

Today episode of Anupama serial starts with a party in which police comes. And all the people present in the party are surprised to see the police. And the police starts taking a person back with them. Then suddenly the police stops.

An old woman comes in front of the police and says that I have always remained silent. And says that women should never remain silent. Injustice towards them should not be tolerated. I have also learned to raise my voice.

I was alone Was scared. But after seeing Anupama, I understood that I should not be afraid. When a woman asks for help, another woman helps her. She understands that I am very proud of all of you. That’s why the little girl who came with the old woman thanks everyone.

Toady Anupama Written Update

And she says that earlier in school madam used to ask what do you want to make, then I could not understand what to say, but now I have understood. Now I will say that I want to be like you.

I want to be like all of you. Then Anupama says that there is no need to do anything special to be like me. If you see anything wrong, just talk without fear.

If something is wrong then talk, talk to each other, just talk without fear. The pain increases a lot by tolerating the pain silently, the war starts with the pain, tongue can say it. Just start with courage. Talk to each other If you find something wrong then talk, just talk without fear.

Then the police keep telling that criminal. And goes away with that criminal. It is morning and Anupama is offering fire to Tulsi ji. And only then Anupama’s daughter says good morning Sun God and Anupama says this Englishman’s daughter is Suraj Dev, fold hands and say Jai Jai.

Then Anupama’s daughter starts apologizing to Surya Bhagwan. And Anupama prays to Suryadev for all her family.
And Anupama’s daughter says, wish good luck for the health of mother and father.

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