Anupama Written Update 9-12-22

Anupama’s today’s episode starts with Baa, Baa is talking to herself when Anupama comes to Baa. And she says to Baa, you give this work to me, I will complete this work. Then Baa says there is no need for it. Then Anupama says Baa Sweety why is she staying at this place.

Then the thing says, yes, let it be, it is good if she lives in this place, then Anupama says, have you ever asked her husband whether he likes to live in this place or not, that is, if necessary If so, that is a different matter, but it is not necessary at this point of time. It’s just his stubbornness. After this Baa says. Sweety lives here, so what is troubling you. She doesn’t live after coming to your house. i know what I’m doing. You see your house, I see mine.

Anupama then sees her Pakhi arguing with someone from the kitchen window. And she is talking that I don’t have to wash the dishes. And Pakhi tells Athik that she does not want to be like her mother. And Pakhi, Athik have a lot of argument. Anupama gets upset seeing all this.

Today Anupama Written Update

When their argument ends, Athik sees Anupama watching them from the window. And Athik Athik smiles seeing Anupama. Now it is night and in the next scene, Pakhi is seen sitting on the sofa. And she is reading a book. Then the electricity goes off. And Pakhi says, this electricity had to go at this time only.

And it gets completely dark in the room. And Anupama comes to Pakhi. And says to her beta you need light. Pakhi says thank you. Anupama asks Pakhi can we both talk. Pakhi says yes. Anupama says you haven’t oiled your hair since so many days, your hair is looking bad. Then Pakhi says that everyone can see the shortcomings in me.

Some have a problem with my hair, some have a fat look, some have a problem with eating and drinking. Then Anupama says that telling the truth is not taunting. Then Pakhi says mummy please say whatever you want to say, Anupama says okay. What have you thought about your studies? Studying is very important. Not for you but for the children you will have. You don’t want to do a job, but at least complete your studies. In the coming future, your children will be ashamed of the fact that my mother is less educated. Like you used to be because of me.

Look at Athik, how much he is doing everything. That means Barkha Bhabhi has also nurtured him with lots of love. Pakhi says mummy he is not doing it, he has to do it. Anupama says he has understood all the situations and is also fulfilling them. When will you understand Try to understand what I am saying. I am not asking to do a job, I am asking to be self-sufficient. Depend on others to get every small and big thing. How long will all this go on like this?

There is no trust in life, it is not a good thing to take the support of others.

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