Dheere Dheere Se 19th March 2023 Written Update

Bhanu instructs Bhawana not to even consider going inside the house at the beginning of the episode. and instructs her to grab her belongings before leaving the area. Bhawana informs him that she won the legal battle and has the legal right to remain in the Barsati.

Bhanu makes it very apparent to the judge that the Barsati belongs to his three brothers. Once Deepak passed away, Amit and he made the decision to let Vikas and Poonam enter the Barsati. Bhawana was a potential guest, but the latter turned out to be a traitor.

Bhawana is teased by Malini. He can’t speak to her mother in this manner, Aanchal tells Bhanu. Bhanu is defended by Malini, who then issues a warning to Aanchal not to treat Bhanu disrespectfully. Raghav, on the other hand, is glad as he remembers Bhawana’s joy and expresses his hope that Bhawana would live honourably in the future.

While others appear joyful, Savita, Aanchal, Jagjivan, and Abhishek are shocked when Bhanu disparages Bhawana’s persona. Bhawana asks Bhanu to stop talking to her in this way and reminds him that she is a member of the family as well. Bhanu makes fun of her.

Malini claims they won’t let her into the house but will give their portion of the rent money they will receive from Vikas and Poonam. Bhawani sobs. The members of society disparage Bhawana’s character as well. After taunting Bhawana, Brij Mohan enters the room and shuts the door. In addition, Bhanu closes the front door. When Aanchal hugs Bhawana, they both start crying.

Raghav questions why Brij Mohan sent him to Indore when they might have spoken about this subject over the phone instead. Then, he realises that Bhawana hasn’t yet called. He exits his vehicle and announces that their first argument as friends will occur. Bhawana now requests Aanchal’s assistance in gathering their belongings. Swati observes from the balcony.

She wants to tell Raghav, but she is worried about Gaurav’s wrath. Bhawana is questioned by Aanchal about their situation. Their lives have been going smoothly for the past few days, but today everything has been broken once more. This, according to Bhawana, is what life is all about. She then hands the candy box to the sanitation worker and declares that she has won the most crucial battle of her life. The employee thanks and departs.

Here, Bhanu talks to Vikas about his rent before asking Abhishek to accompany Vikas to the office to complete the paperwork. Obligingly, Abhishek. When Jagjivan expresses his grief at seeing Bhawana in such a state, Bhanu reminds him of his vow and begs him not to break it.

Aanchal informs Bhawana that they might begin their new life in a different city while they are in the temple. Agreeing, Bhawana proceeds to purchase the tickers. Aanchal wishes Deepak was there so they wouldn’t have to go through all of this suffering. Then she envisions Deepak. She shares with Deepak how his death turned their lives upside down, as well as Bhawana’s struggles.

Deepak reveals to her that he is also keeping an eye on everything and that he is happy that Bhawana realised his aspirations. He then asks her if she genuinely believes they won’t encounter any new issues or difficulties if they move out of the city because he wants to see them both living there. After asking Aanchal to consider her options, he then vanishes.

As Bhawana gets there, he informs Aanchal that they are departing for Bhopal. Bhawana is perplexed when Aanchal informs her that they are staying put. In the meantime, Dimple makes fun of Abhishek for not standing by Bhawana. She is questioned by Bhawana about her abrupt change of heart. Aanchal reminds Bhawana that she will do whatever it takes to fulfil Deepak’s final wish. Bhawana observes.

Precap: When Aanchal enters the home with Bhawana, Bhanu and Malini are startled. Bhanu issues them both a threat. He is being pushed to do it by Aanchal. Bhanu slaps her with his hand in rage.

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