Dheere Dheere Se 20 March 2023 Written Update

Bhawana and Aanchal begin the episode by praying to God. Bhawana is questioned by Aanchal about her strategy for the trial. Bhawana explains that there will be attorneys outside the courtroom, and she hopes to persuade one of them to handle her case for one day.

There, Brij Mohan shows up. He requests that Gaurav be well-prepared for the hearing today. Nodding, Gaurav. Bhawana and Aanchal make the decision to depart. After noticing them, Brij Mohan orders Savita to clean the servant room once it has been vacated.

Savita accepts. At the courtroom, Bhawana persuades a lawyer to represent her in the Barsati case hearing for one day in exchange for $5,000. The attorney concurs. Bhawana adjourns to check the time of her hearing. Bhanu shows up and threatens the attorney. Bhanu gets the lawyer’s consent.

Brij Mohan belittles Bhanu for acting so despicably. He is accused of falsely accusing him by Bhanu. Then he requests that Brij Mohan check with the police to confirm that it was not him who was trying to kill Raghav. Brij Mohan is gone. There, Bhawana arrives.

After declining to represent her, the attorney departs. After making fun of her and informing her that she is to blame for Abhishek’s wedding being postponed, Bhanu informs her that he won’t allow her to have Barsati for sure and departs. Bhawana feels sad and hurt.

Bhawana shows up for her hearing in the courtroom. As the judge comes, he confronts Bhawana for wasting everyone’s time by not answering his question concerning her attorney. Gaurav and Bhawana are both shocked when Raghav shows there and identifies himself as Bhawana’s attorney. While this is going on, Brij Mohan gives the inspector the order to penalise the builder for hurting Raghav. He then finds out through a lawyer that Raghav is in the room for the Barsati case. He heads right for the courtroom. Raghav is asked by the judge if he is being honest with Bhawana.

Bhawana hesitates when she sees Brij Mohan, but Raghav encourages her, and as a result Bhawana nods in agreement to the judge and hands Raghav her case file. Brij Mohan appears agitated. Arriving, Bhanu is startled to see Raghav and is concerned about what will happen next.

The hearing is asked to begin by the judge. Gaurav informs the judge that they have an arrangement with Vikas and that the Barsati case also belongs to him. Raghav checks the paper with the judge’s approval and proposes running a lab test because it is only three or four years old although the Barsati was constructed fifteen years ago. Gaurav loses all control.

Raghav informs the judge of Deepak’s untimely passing, revealing that he was Bhawana’s husband. Additionally, Barsati and Deepak’s two other brothers are his property. Raghav also describes how Vikas took advantage of the Shastris’ goodwill to stay in their home, claiming that he didn’t pay any rent for the stay up until the day he moved in. Vikas paid the rent, claims Bhanu, who is opposed.

The judge summons him to the confessional. As requested, Bhanu identifies himself and refutes Raghav’s accusation of Vikas. Raghav queries evidence. Then he asks the judge to permit him to determine if Bhanu’s assertion is true or not. Despite Gaurav’s opposition, the judge grants consent.

Vikas’ rent payment amount is requested by Raghav from Bhanu and Vikas to be noted on paper. Both of them write differently. Raghav informs the judge of the internal strife in the Shastri family, which is why Bhanu is suing Bhawana, but requests that the judge rule in Bhawana’s favour.

Gaurav asks the judge to set a new hearing date. Raghav claims that this issue has been ongoing for quite some time, and he begs the judge to rule in Bhawana’s favour. The judge rules in favour of Bhawana, which upsets Gaurav Brij Mohan Vikas and Bhanu and causes the latter to get distraught.

Bhawana is insulted by Brij Mohan, who throws her belongings outside and tells her to find another man to trap. When Aanchal gets there. Bhawana is urged by Bhanu never to consider going back to the house. Both the Shastris and the Srivastavs shut the door to their home.

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