Dheere Dheere Se 24st February 2023 Written Update: Bhawana’s sewing machine is destroyed by Bhanu.

The episode begins with Vidya informing Bhawana that her belongings have been dumped in the trash. According to Bhawana, she contained God’s clothing. Bhawana is informed by Malini that anything she should touch would not be present at all and that they should be thrown outdoors.

Bhawana asks Malini to lend her a sewing machine since she needs one, but Malini declines, and Vidya makes fun of Bhawana for asserting her rights. Bhawana is asked to wait outside after Bhanu offers to give her her sewing machine.

Dheere Dheere Se Written Update:

the opposite Raghav questions why none of his family members have yet to wish him. Then, remembering his prior interactions with Bhawana, he smiles and wishes himself a happy birthday. Bhawana expresses hope that she will enter the competition and ensure that Aanchal develops into an independent lady, unlike herself, after receiving her sewing machine back. Bhawana is called by Bhanu.

She is instructed to peek at the balcony by Vidya. Bhanu throws the broken sewing machine from the second floor. Bhawana is startled. Others nearby are astonished to witness it as well. Bhanu enters after making a harsh remark about Deepak being killed by the sewing machine. When Bhawana feels depressed, she takes the machine with her.

As Bhawana sees the sewing machine, she remembers what Bhanu said and becomes upset. As soon as Aanchal gets there, she tells Bhawana that Raghav’s family is preparing to celebrate his birthday, and Swati requests their assistance. Bhawana consents to assist them. Bhawana is asked by Aanchal if she is doing okay.

Bhawana asks Aanchal to get dressed after lying, then she departs. To assist the Srivastav family in getting ready for Raghav’s birthday celebration, Aanchal and Bhawana later join them. Dimple feels the party is lacking something. Bhawana says that if they don’t mind, she will make a suggestion.

Dimple concurs. Bhawana talks to the Srivastavs about her ideas. Raghav visits him at home. He discovers the sewing machine component and confronts Devraj with it. Devraj describes to him how Bhawana was treated by Bhanu. Raghav worries about Bhawana and then diverts his attention by asking what else Bhanu accomplished while Bhawana was at the sewing machine.

He is told everything by Devraj. Raghav becomes incensed and disturbed. The reason Bhawana needs a sewing machine is then a mystery to him. In the house, Swati advises Bhawana to invite Raghav inside. Bhawana finally gives in after being convinced by everyone. The cause of the power outage at his home is a mystery to Raghav. He chooses to investigate. Then he walks into the home.

Intentionally dropping several items, Swati causes Raghav to stumble. After entering the house, Raghav loses his footing, but Bhawana stops him from falling. She then uses an alibi to prevent Raghav from determining the cause of the power outage and brings him inside.

Raghav detects He calls out to his family members because Bhawana also left his side. Raghav’s childhood photograph is illuminated by one spotlight. Raghav beams when he sees it. Savita praises Raghav for picking her and shares her happiness at becoming a mother.

Her forehead is kissed and hugged by Raghav. Raghav is pleased when Gaurav refers to him as his best friend and mentor, Dimple refers to him as her protector, and Swati claims that Raghav has become her sibling. Also, Brij Mohan declares his love for Raghav.

Light appears. Although the celebrations are lavish, Raghav assures his family that they won’t forget his birthday at all. Raghav is requested by Swati to thank Bhawana on her behalf. Raghav thanks Bhawana, who replies that everyone’s effort was important.

Rahgav makes a wish for Bhawana’s happiness as they cut a cake, and Bhawana asks God to grant Raghav’s wish. Everyone receives cake from Raghav. Then, Brij Mohan presents Raghav with two items. As Raghav discovers the power of attorney, he is startled and confronts Brij Mohan. Raghav must take care of everything after Brij Mohan goes away, says Brij Mohan.

Gaurav proudly claims that he worked with Brij Mohan to create the papers. Swati becomes irritated and agitated. Raghav is urged by Savita not to depart from Ujjain. Savita and the family are pleased when Raghav looks at Bhawana and says he won’t. Raghav tells everyone to get ready since he’s treating them to dinner. Aanchal is taken from them by Bhawana. Raghav enters his bedroom.

Savita offers to bring Bhawana and Aanchal along, but Brij Mohan declines and instructs Swati to order the staff to prepare food for Bhawana and Aanchal. If Bhawana doesn’t show up for the meal, Swati becomes agitated over how to carry out her plan. Afterwards, Raghav asks Swati if all of the family members have gotten ready and if so, whether Bhawana and Aanchal have.

Due to Brij Mohan, Swati claims that not only have the family members left the house, but she also doubts that Bhawana and Aanchal will follow. She further deceives him by telling that Aanchal was thrilled but feels bad for her. Leaving his room, Raghav. Swati smirks, believing to herself that Raghav has no idea what she is up to.

Raghav and Bhawana arrive at the restaurant. Seeing it makes Brij Mohan agitated. Raghav visits Brij Mohan to express his gratitude, but when he leaves, Raghav is shocked.

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