Faltu 10th March Written Episode Update

Kinshuk and Sid chase after Faltu to apply the colours at the beginning of the episode. Ayaan receives a hug from Tanu. He is invited to join her for a dance. Sid observes. Sumitra chastises him. Kanika and Tanu shouldn’t be privy to your emotions, so come have some lemon water, she says, asking if you’re inebriated. Sid requests some poison, stating that he detests having Tanu and Ayaan around him.

I want Tanu, the man sobs. Govind isn’t at home, she says, and I need him here. Until she has the lemon water, she asks him to remain seated. Faltu is covert. Looking for her is Kinshuk. Looking for Sid is Sumitra. Keeping her phone is Kanika. Faltu walks over to retrieve the phone. She responds to a call. Kanika interrupts you and inquires about what you are doing with my phone and whose authorization you used to answer the call. Faltu claims that since you had come and could handle your phone while I had a lot of work, I had the thought to answer the call on your behalf.

Stop, where are you going, Kanika commands. Faltu says I m going to see my friends for holi, I have done all the work, I will come in evening, take care, see you later, happy holi. She goes. She believes those women betrayed me based on Kanika’s claims, yet Sid and Sumitra were also discussing me, so what sort of motive do they have? She encounters the chawl men. She apologises, saying that she was just thinking. They tell her to get dressed while Rajan waits for Faltu rather than Rocky. Kanika confronts Vishal over the phone. Vishal declares that he is leaving the hospital since he feels poorly there and that he plans to party and lighten up. She queries why Ayaan is locating you. He tells her to calm down and not to worry. Well, no one should know about you, she says. She hangs up.

Tanisha queries what transpired. According to Kanika, Vishal called and is bothering her; if the media finds out, everything would be wrecked. As soon as Ayaan hears them, she inquires. I put a lot of money into the academy, but Kanika claims that whatever happened will damage my reputation. About Vishal, he inquires. She replies, “I’m not sure. He claims that he is going to donate Holi colours to children. Tanu says I’ll accompany her. He claims that you won’t feel at ease there. He departs. Kanika inquires about my follower. Tanisha speculates that if Ayaan finds the truth about this incident, he would be able to flee from me and stop blackmailing me. She is urged to calm down by Kanika.

Ayaan visits the chawl and distributes water cannons and holi colours. As Faltu arrives, he inquires as to what is going on. The man claims that something is being given away for Holi. Seeing Faltu, Ayaan. He is startled. The children colour him and wish him a merry Holi. I need to find out if that is Faltu or not, according to Ayaan. He pursues her. Faltu plays holi with the women from the chawl. The faltu moves. Upon seeing her, Ayaan beams. She chooses the chawl man. Ayaan requests Faltu. The woman disputes knowing Faltu. Tanu contacts him and invites him to visit. I’m coming, he claims.

Coming home is Ayaan. He is asked to eat by Savita. Why is he lost and agitated, Tanu and Kanika enquire. Everything is good, he adds, but I have a headache. According to Kinshuk, this is due to a specific thandai. Kumkum tugs on both ears. Ayaan was dancing alone and acting in an inebriated manner, according to Savita. She requests that he eat and rest. Tanu is instructed to give the man lemon water. Ayaan thinks of Faltu. Faltu is insulted, precap. She claims I want the chance to demonstrate my talent and I’ll give it my all. It’s your first and final chance, Faltu, so prove to them you are a capable player.

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