Faltu 11th March Written Episode Update

Rajan asks where the girl is and calls her pals to see if she’s coming; the players aren’t coming because of Holi, so Rajan wants to know if she’s coming. After receiving a call, the man replies, “Tell Rajan we’re coming. Faltu advises that we head there right away. She receives the woman’s call.

The woman claims that although I had lied to Ayaan, who had come here looking for you because he was feeling anxious, I hadn’t told him anything. Thank you, Faltu. She claims that Ayaan came to the chawl to look for me and that he did so. He asks her to concentrate on the match. Rushing, she. There are also selectors from the cricket academy.

Faltu receives abuse from her teammates, who refer to her as a gold-digger. According per Rajan, you were late. The man claims that she was fired for trapping her coach and that she was using a shortcut because her coach had told her she couldn’t play. She claims that the video was fake and that if you give me a chance, I’ll show you my talent.

He explains that because we don’t trust you, you are welcome to join the game as player number twelve if you have the chance. She begs him to give her a shot. Rajan asserts that I cannot force her to play and risk upsetting the squad. She becomes upset. The game continues. Give me a chance, Faltu adds; I can turn the tide in our favour. Rajan tells her to be quiet but doesn’t pay attention.

Rajan reprimands his group. Why are you playing so poorly, he queries, you are insulting me. Faltu is asked to go play by him. She queries me. Yes, go play, he asks. Just leave, he tells her. She feels joy. He claims that this is your final opportunity to refute the claims made in the video and urges you to do so by playing well.

With a nod. She performs. When they notice her, the committee members yell. She can’t play in the game, so they ask her to leave. Since this is a local event and not an academy match, academy rules do not apply, Faltu apologises and asks why he cannot participate in the game. According to Rajan, she is telling the truth; the rules of the cricket academy do not apply because we have paid for our participation.

The committee members claim they won’t offer this girl much film but will let her play and provide the incentives to them before leaving. The move. Faltu makes a 6-footer. Upon seeing her talent, everyone is taken aback. The group applauds her.

The game is continued by Faltu. Ayaan considers Faltu. He claims that no one is familiar with her, despite the fact that I was near to her and that she had a cricket set. He further claims that she would be playing in a contest or competition today. He looks up the match information online. He observes Faltu performing well in the game. The reporter compliments her play.

Ayaan is stopped by Tanisha, who queries his destination. Savita requests that he say. I feel better, I have some urgent work, and I’ll go and come, Ayaan claims. Good, we have something for you, Tanisha says. Savita claims to have organised a cookout; you will prepare it for us. It’s going to be wonderful, harsh says.

We will carry out this strategy tomorrow, Ayaan says. Harsh says everything is prepared; just show up and prepare the food. Dadi and Govind will also be there; don’t hurt their feelings. Everybody applauds Faltu. In 18 balls, she runs for 50 runs. The man claims that because she plays so well, she doesn’t need to work with the coach to earn a spot.

The second man speculates that she might be telling the truth and that the video was produced to smear her. She leaves. You ought to have maintained your composure and performed effectively, according to Rajan. She thinks of Ayaan. Her teammates give her appreciation. Thanks to her. She believes that I receive acclaim because of Ayaan. If everything had gone smoothly, Ayaan would have been my coach and received praise as well.
Recap: Faltu and the squad triumph in the game. She is given the payment. Everyone cheers.

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