Faltu 16th March Written Episode Update

Ayaan taunts Faltu at the beginning of the episode before departing. She believes it’s fortunate that he was unaware of my fast. Suhana is tasked by Kinshuk with producing a quality video that must be sent to Ayesha. Tanisha and Ayaan do the Rudra abhishek.

Faltu observes and remarks that I shouldn’t consider him. Gov. signing “Harsh” They make thandai and leave. They delight in thandai. Kinshuk follows suit. Pandit invites each couple to participate in the aarti. The men return. Where were you when Pandit called, Kumkum inquires. Thandai, Harsh says, it’s Mahashivratri.

Every pair does the aarti. Tanisha drops the dish when she notices that her hand is burning near the diya. Faltu keeps it on schedule. Tanisha is fuming. Sumitra and Sid grinned. Tanisha advances and retakes control of the plate. Faltu moves on. Turning, Ayaan looks at Faltu. Tanisha and Faltu are getting ready in the morning.

Tanisha says I need to speak with you all and get Ayaan’s approval. What does Ayaan ask for? Tanisha requests that the restriction be lifted because, despite years of employment, she is unable to return the favour. Faltu promises that when he succeeds as a professional cricketer, he would pay back the money. Tanisha believes I won’t permit you to play cricket.

According to Kinshuk, you will receive money if you are chosen. She cannot become a good person without first becoming one, according to Ayaan. Faltu welcomes anyone. Everyone sends Faltu their best wishes. Ayaan adjourns. Faltu steps down and touches the earth. She believes he didn’t approve of me. Tanisha remembers Kanika’s strategy. Faltu is invited to accompany her, and she will make introductions. Thank you, Faltu. Tanisha promises that I will leave and come.

We are very fortunate to have Tanu, adds Janardhan, because she has a great heart and always looks out for Faltu. I should be delighted that she left, thinks Ayaan, so why am I becoming upset? He causes damage in his bedroom. Sid claims that our strategy failed since Tanu took Faltu to the academy. At the door, they observe Ayaan.

What truth are you referring about, Ayaan queries. Faltu is brought to the institution by Tanisha. They are met by Kanika. She tells Faltu that if she performs well in the trial match, she will be chosen, and nice things will happen to her. I’m with you, she says.

Thank you, Faltu. The opposing players notice Faltu. Sid tells Ayaan a falsehood. AYAAN LEAVES Sid concerns that if they get married, I won’t be able to bring Faltu back into Ayaan’s life, so something needs to be done. He is urged not to worry by Sumitra.

The females are asked by Kanika to follow her instructions. We’ll make her life miserable, the girl assures you. Shall we meet Vishal, Tanisha asks. Yes, Kanika responds, but let Faltu see him first. Are you certain Ayaan will arrive? Tanisha responds, “Yes, I’ll catch him; he’ll misjudge Faltu.” Kanika claims that in a week, she will flee. They beam.

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