Faltu 18th March Written Episode Update

Starting off the episode, Ayaan and Tanisha see Faltu. Tanisha is held near by Ayaan. She is led by him to the room. She requests an explanation of the surprise. I want to offer you my heart forever, he says, and you know why because you deserve it. He also expresses his gratitude for her constant forgiveness of his mistakes. She beams. He expresses gratitude to her.

You have done a lot for me, he claims, so you are the one. She expresses gratitude and inquires, “Why are you saying this today? I love you, and your pleasure means a lot to me.” He claims that right now, your happiness is more important to him than anything else.

He claims that while you frequently advise forgiving one another and moving on to improve one’s marriage, he wants to do it right away. He also asks if you will always be willing to put up with his unpleasant tendencies. She grinned while taking his hand. Of course, Ayaan, but are you certain that you want to continue? she asks. Yes, he replies.

She embraces him. The call comes in. The man claims that just before you passed out, you asked who had filled Faltu’s maang. Ayaan is in awe. He misplaces his phone. Tanisha is surprised when she hears this. Ayaan remembers what Faltu said. Faltu considers Ayaan. Tanisha interrupts Ayaan. He quickly knocks on the door of Faltu’s chamber. Perhaps this is a prank call, Tanisha advises. Opening the door is Faltu. She is asked by Ayaan who filled her maang. She claims that it is unrelated to you.

Someone called me and claimed I had filled sindoor, he claims. When Sid arrives and inquires as to what is going on, we will speak slowly so that the family may overhear. If this was true, Tanisha claims Faltu would have told you; otherwise, why would she be hiding it? Even I, according to Ayaan, am curious as to why she kept this information from me.

Sid beams. According to Ayaan, when I asked Faltu, she refused. Faltu responds, “You didn’t apply sindoor to me. How many times need I say that?” Tanisha requests that you accompany her. Tanu, you go, says Ayaan. Kumkum is always listening. Ayaan adjourns. Tanisha is fuming. Faltu sobs as he sits. What does this suggest that Ayaan still cares about me, she queries.

Tanisha approaches her and confronts her. Faltu inquires as to who told Ayaan this. Tanisha yells, “Stop the drama,” “Why did you do this? Did you make your dad or brother call Ayaan?” “I was stupid to not understand your cleverness,” “You can fall to any level for money,” “Your dad needed money for treatment. Was he really ill or did a drama to send you here,” and “You can fall to any level for money.” Faltu commands an end to it.

Tanisha claims that you and your father deceived us. Faltu declares, “I swear on Matarani, I did not contact Ayaan. How can you blame me? If this was my motivation, then I didn’t need to call Ayaan; I would have informed me.” Tanisha interprets this to suggest that you could have told him, “Pack your things and leave; I won’t put up with you here.” Faltu swears and declares, “I will attempt to make him detest me, I won’t depart from here.

I want to see you and Ayaan working together for his benefit.” Tanisha adjourns. Ayaan and Tanisha allegedly got into an argument, and Kumkum departed. Has there been any fighting at the party, asks Harsh. Don’t know; we’ll talk to them, she replies. We’ll chat tomorrow, he says. Kanika is called by Tanisha. Kanika inquires as to how Faltu gave you his attitude.

Tanisha claims, “I’ve witnessed Faltu’s bravery and Ayaan’s rage; they love each other, and I love Ayaan so much that I can’t lose him.” Keep a watch on Faltu, Kanika advises, because I’ll carry out the plan and murder her persona. Kumkum queries Tanisha about Ayaan and her altercation in the morning. According to Tanisha, he became irate due of Faltu, and things are now OK.

Remember that tomorrow is Maha Shivratri, advises Dadi. She requests that Tanisha perform the Rudra abhishek because she must fast the following day. I can do anything for Ayaan, according to Tanisha. A hotstar show is promoted by Kinshuk. Faltu says I’ll observe a fast as well in support of Ayaan’s long life.

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