Kundali Bhagya 10th March 2023 Written Update

Karan is told by Nidhi that she is aware that Anjali has escaped, but she is not acting alone; rather, she has assistance. Nidhi then begs everyone to pause. Nidhi responds that she is aware of Anjali’s wish to wed him and that she will undoubtedly phone Karan, but he claims she hasn’t called. Shristhi also asks her to be clear. When Nidhi receives the letter from Anjali, she initially finds it difficult to understand.

She reads that Anjali wants her to go to the hill road by herself, without Karan, Sameer, or Shristhi, or else she will throw the child off the cliff. Anjali also claims that Nidhi should come and meet her because she is her sister who wants to wed Karan. Nidhi apologises to Karan, but he refuses, saying that now is not the time to do so; instead, Nidhi should leave and save his kid.

He then threatens to kill her, and Karan begins to smash the room until Shristhi says they shouldn’t waste their energy because they would eventually need it.

Standing, Anjali remembers when Nidhi gave back everything that belonged to Karan and Preeta declared that she has Karan as her life partner forever and no one can steal him from her. She even remembers when Nidhi warned that Anjali would have to face her if she tried to do anything wrong against Karan, and when Preeta said that she hates Nidhi, Anjali immediately pointed the gun at her face and declared that she was going to kill Nid Anjali claims that as Karan was on his way to her, she stopped him and even suggested that she call the police.

Anjali took Karan’s child, according to Karan, and they tracked her down to the farmhouse, but she was able to flee.

She says Nidhi previously lost Karan to Preeta, but this time she will lose him to her. Anjali claims she wanted to see the same expression on Nidhi’s face, which are those of depression and despair. Nidhi again asks Anjali to let go of this desire and end it all, but Anjali responds that Nidhi wants to see the same expression on her face. Anjali calls Karan, and the inspector asks him to spare them some time. Karan replies that he is unable to do so.

Anjali calls Karan back and says she enjoys hearing his voice. Karan tells her to stop playing games and cautions her not to try his patience, but Anjali says she should not be held responsible if anything bad happens to either his son or wife as a result of his actions. When Karan is horrified, Anjali cancels the call. Shristhi asks what she said, and Karan wonders how Anjali managed to grab Preeta’s attention. Anjali then tries to call Mahesh but he doesn’t pick up.

Anjali responds that Nidhi shouldn’t tell Karan anything, but that she should be aware that Preeta is coming to see her. Anjali explains that she knows how to settle a score because she wants to exact revenge for the slap, and Nidhi asks if she believes Karan would return to her after all of this drama because he will hate her.

When Mahesh receives a call from Karan while he is in the hospital, Karan cuts him off before he can respond. Shristhi then calls Rakhi to see if Preeta is in her room. When Dadi and Karina ask what’s wrong, Rakhi explains that Shristhi is just checking to see if Preeta is in her room, and they are all surprised to not find Preeta there. Rakhi demands Shristhi to reveal the truth because she needs to know what the issue is. Karan asks Mahesh to put his phone on speaker and says Preeta is with Anjali.

Shristhi responds that this is why she contacted her. Preeta was unconscious, so Karina is astonished and wonders how this could have happened. Rakhi sobs and sits down to ask how it happened. Mahesh exits, saying that Rishab had gone to get the child but that Karan should pledge to bring Preeta and the child back; else, he warns, they will suffer. Karan promises to go and bring his family back, but the inspector stops him and says that he needs some time to find Anjali.

When Anjali arrives, Priyanka is holding the infant and remarks that it is very adorable. Anjali responds that it is because he is Karan’s child, and Priyanka asks what will happen if he does not come to her. Anjali then selects the infant and remarks that because of her plan, Karan would personally approach Priyanka and ask to marry her.

Anjali declares that even though she won’t make the same mistake twice, she will undoubtedly wed Preeta. Since that she is the mother of both Karan’s son and Preeta, Anjali believes that Karan will come here without a doubt. According to Anjali, Preeta inspired Karan’s love for Preeta. Even the Matka King believes that she is very insane, and Priyanka agrees, but she declares that she would marry Karan today. Anjali tells the Matka King to keep a watch on her as she gets dressed. Anjali walks away with a smile.

The inspector explains they have tapped the phone of Karan and are waiting for the time when Anjali calls Karan, explaining they feel she doesn’t want anything from Preeta or the child but just wants to marry him. Rishab asks Karan how he knew about this, and Karan responds that he knows she is telling the truth because she also has control of Preeta and the child.

Anjali stops by to check on Priyanka and compliments her, but Anjali interrupts and declares that she is the most stunning bride Karan has ever had. They all concur. Anjali screams that the previous time, she was unsure of whether she conducted the ceremonies with Karan or Prithvi, but that he would come to her this time. Anjali calls Karan after the inspector advises him to keep her talking to him for at least one minute.

Karan asks Anjali what she is doing and explains that he really despises her because he thought of her as his friend but she betrayed him. Anjali eventually announces that she is going to end the call but Karan insists that she continue because otherwise how would they meet? Anjali informs Karan that she is sending one of his doctor friends to help her. Karan makes a promise to Preeta that he would always protect her from all difficulties, and now is the moment to keep that promise. He irately exits the house.

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