Kundali Bhagya 15th March 2023 Written Update

For Preeran, leap Karan and Preeta are prepared to wed. Rishabh, Mahesh, Shrishti, and Rakhi are prepared to help Karan. When they discover that Arjun is Karan, they are all delighted. They hope Preeta’s happiness endures even after her marriage. All they need is for Arjun to admit that he is Karan. When Karan learns the truth, Mahesh promises that he won’t spare him.

After Mahesh also admits that Arjun is Karan, Kareena and Kritika change their minds about ending the marriage. As Rishabh sees Karan and Preeta together, he becomes emotional. They are unable to learn that Karan is their Karan from him. He doesn’t want to put Preeta and Rishabh in a bad situation by bringing up the misunderstanding that made him hate them.

After Prithvi refuses to give them the money, Shambu’s men kidnap Sherlyn. To save Sherlyn, Prithvi makes it to Shambu’s den. She is accused of believing he will save her. She drives him crazy. Catching Prithvi is done by Shambu and his men. Shambu requests the cash.

Prithvi promises that he will find a way to acquire the money. He requests some time to set up 10 lakhs. He assures that he will receive the funds, but requests that Shambu free Sherlyn. He is severely ensnared. Even Anjali declines to hand up the cash. Prithvi desires to assault and plunder the Luthras. He also interferes with the union of Karan and Preeta. The marriage is given a significant twist by Prithvi.

Early in the programme, Rishabh clarifies his position and allays Karan’s confusion. He claims that Preeta was Karan’s deposit for him and that their relationship never required a name. It was built on respect and was much more substantial than a marriage relationship.

When Karan hears Rishabh’s actual feelings, tears well up in his eyes. He states that he does not want to discuss Preeta with him. Preeta’s eyes aren’t weeping, according to Rishabh, who claims to have great regard for her. He grants Karan’s request to visit the mandap. Rishabh cries as well. After praising Karan, Rakhi leads him to the mandap. If Karan dares to make Preeta weep, Rishabh warns that he won’t be able to forgive him.

Rakhi’s announcement to Mahesh and him that Arjun and Karan’s fingerprints matched is still fresh in Rishabh’s mind. Even though they share the same birthmark, she claims that her belief has prevailed. When Preeta and Rakhi had finished their research and discovered the truth, Rishabh told Mahesh that everything would be clear.

He desires to confront Karan and strike him. He claims that Karan has caused them a lot of trouble. She halts him and tells him that they must wait till Karan reveals the truth and explains why he kept this secret from them.

Mahesh is also curious about the cause. They have Rishabh’s consent. He avoids confronting Karan. Rishabh returns to the present and makes his way to the wedding. Eats the fruits is Prithvi.

He is frightened by Sherlyn by being reminded of Shambu’s thugs. She warns that Shambu’s thugs would arrive at any moment and demand payment. Here are Shambu and his thugs. Prithvi flees the location. The thugs manage to capture Sherlyn. Shambu requests that the thugs locate Prithvi.

He yells threats at Prithvi regarding Sherlyn. When Prithvi hears this, he approaches them from behind. He requests that Shambu leave Sherlyn. He promises that he will receive the funds. Sherlyn travels with Shambu. Preeta gets to dress up as his bride for Karan to see.

He is in love with her. He is spotted by Preeta at the door. He assists her in dressing. They converse briefly. Priyanka requests that Anjali enlist Prithvi’s aid. Even if Anjali chooses not to ask for his assistance, Prithvi insists that she still give him the money. Getting set to attend Arjun’s wedding is Dadi and Anjali. Dadi counsels Anjali to maintain her joy. Priyanka is asked to get dressed and come, she says.

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