Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update

unwelcome entrance Karan and Preeta arrive at the mandap. They are locked in stares. The garlands are cheerfully exchanged. Happy to bless them, Rakhi. Marriage ceremonies start. The goons and Prithvi arrive at the location. To conceal their identities, they don masks. Prithvi points a gun at them and threatens them.

With the unanticipated terror twist, Karan, Preeta, Rishabh, and the family members experience a major shock. Get on reading.

Shambu had fun with Prithvi and Sherlyn’s dramatic romance earlier in the programme. He gives Prithvi a chance to make the financial arrangements. He and Shambu have an argument. He requests that they once hear her plan.

He explains that if they all work together to carry out his plan, they can all make millions of dollars at once. And he’ll take them to Luthra’s house, he continues. Shambu baulks at leaving. They will go there to rob the house, Prithvi says. The Luthras are having a wedding ceremony at home, and Prithvi asks Shambu to assist him.

He believes they could easily enter and rob the home. For his assistance and talent, he requests a 25% share. Shambu consents to follow Prithvi’s strategy in order to make money. He requests that Prithvi do nothing improper. He is asked by Prithvi to free Sherlyn. Shambu rejects his limitations. Sherlyn is safe, Prithvi says, and he will take her home tomorrow.

Shrishti’s plan is questioned by Kritika. What is she talking about, Shrishti queries. Kritika separates them. She promises that they will make plans to dissolve their union. Shrishti informs them that nothing can be done. Bani is informed by Kritika that Shrishti had no plan. Preeta is taken to the mandap by Rakhi. Karan beams as he turns to face his wife.

When Karan finally sees Preeta, he beams. He remembers her sayings. Rishabh remarks on Preeta’s stunning appearance. In response, Karan declares that Preeta is his future wife. Anjali is delighted to witness Arjun’s response, which enrages Rishabh.

She demands that Rishabh annul their union. Going to Preeta is Rishabh. Karan becomes concerned as he anticipates him posing a problem for the marriage. Preeta is driven to Karan by Rishabh. He claims that Rakhi and Preeta both want Karan and Preeta to get married, in addition to Karan himself.

He claims that Preeta and Rakhi are the two people who mean the most to him, and that if they both want to get married, it will. He continues by saying that if they were both against the union, no one could have made it happen. He promises that Preeta and Rakhi’s wedding will take place when they want it to.

When Rishabh releases Preeta from all of her restraints and leads her to the mandap, she breaks down in tears. When Rishabh gives Preeta’s hand to Karan, Rakhi becomes joyful. Preeta and Karan are seated in the mandap. Shrishti informs Kritika that action must be taken. For the puja, Rakhi requests that Shrishti get supari. Shrishti claims she doesn’t possess it.

It’s in the kitchen, as Rakhi says. She gives Shrishti directions. Rakhi also sends Kritika. When Karan and Preeta hold hands and recall happy memories from their past, magic happens. They both shed tears of emotion. There, Prithvi, Shambu, and thugs show up.

Guard approaches them and requests their phones. Shambu and Prithvi defeated the guards. It’s time to teach the Luthras a lesson, so he asks them to put on the masks before entering. Rishabh is delighted to see Preeta and Karan in the mandap.

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