Kundali Bhagya 18th March 2023 Written Update

Preeta in peril Shrishti claims to be certain that Arjun is Karan. Perhaps she felt this way because Arjun put his life in danger for them, Preeta queries. He has repeatedly put his life in danger for them, according to her. According to Shrishti, she overheard Arjun and Anjali talking about Preeta. Anjali was criticising Preeta, but Arjun got her to stop.

Arjun then expressed how much he loves Preeta, exactly like Karan used to do for Preeta. Preeta claims to be aware that he is her Karan. She is curious as to why Arjun is keeping this information to himself. Priyanka is waiting outside the home for Anjali.

She informs Priyanka that since Arjun has admitted his love for Preeta, she cannot imagine him weding anyone else. She is unaware of what is taking place. She is agitated. She is asked by Priyanka to take action to prevent Arjun’s marriage. She cites Anjali’s extensive efforts to obtain Arjun.

The police arrive there. To the inspector, Anjali tells lies. The goons have left, and the family is safe, she tells the inspector. She dismisses him. She tells Priyanka that she is going to rescue the thugs, and that if they have another gunfight, Preeta might get shot this time. She simply wants Arjun to adore her.

Preeta and Shrishti meet Dadi. Preeta is given a hug as she is blessed for the union. Dadi queries her on if Shrishti anticipated her absence. Because Dadi loves Karan so much, Shrishti said she was worried that Dadi wouldn’t make it. Dadi claims that although she was concerned and unsure of Preeta’s reasoning, she trusted her judgement in approving the marriage.

She continues by promising her unwavering support. Mumtaz defeats Shrishti. Shrishti is also spanked by Preeta for making her weep.

Preeta is requested by Shrishti to tell Dadi the truth. Arjun is their Karan, she says. They learn from Dadi that she witnessed the guards laying still outside. She continues by saying that while Anjali was speaking to the police, she had contacted the police. Shrishti promises she will visit the police.

A fight breaks out between Prithvi and Shambu. He reveals that a different passageway is where the window opens. When Anjali enters the hallway, she notices the window. She considers opening it. Prithvi claims to be quite knowledgeable about the house. Shambu claims that he ought to have been aware of the family.

Why did he underestimate Rakhi, Prithvi queries. He detects a sound and alerts others that someone is approaching. He requests that they don masks. When Anjali finds them, she offers to assist them in exchange for their assistance with her. Prithvi makes fun of her. She promises to shout in order to attract everyone’s attention before catching them.

She displays the rifle that she stole from the relatives. She queries whether or not they will assist her. She admonishes them. Shambu queries her as to what she desires. Anjali wants the marriage to be annulled, according to Prithvi. She inquires as to how he is aware of this. His face is shown when he emerges.

She is in awe. Shrishti queries Sameer about the arrest of the thugs by the police. He responds that the police arrived just now. In search of Anjali. By accident, Sameer stamps Kritika’s foot and hurries. She pursues him and chastises him. When the wedding’s action gets to its conclusion, Anjali hands Prithvi the gun and orders him to attack. Prithvi acknowledges her.

She is carrying a second gun. She intends to kill Preeta by taking advantage of the confusion. Shambu claims that the girls are incredibly kind, and Anjali is kind for helping them. Prithvi claims that Anjali is in danger since she is in love with someone and doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

Shambu queries him as to why he is acting in such a manner given his love for Sherlyn. Prithvi claims to have a big heart and the capacity to love numerous women. He longs for Preeta. Shrishti is unable to locate the police and Anjali. When he arrives at the gate, Rishabh slams into her. He claims to have sent Kavya to the parlour and has come to pick her up.

He appears pleased about the nuptials. Shrishti is astounded by his comprehension. Rishabh is asked by Sameer what happened to him. Rishabh assures them that he is well and asks them not to worry. He requests that they take in the wedding. Sameer loses to Kritika. She reprimands him for stepping on her foot.

Sameer expresses regret to her. Hugging Kritika, Rishabh soothes her. Kavya greets Rishabh when she gets home. Rishabh gives her a tender hug. They will always have Kavya with them, Shrishti tells him, so try not to feel upset. Rishabh recalls the discussion he had with Arjun.

Rishabh loves Kavya a lot, Karan realises. Kavya is his life, according to Rishabh, and he loves her more than life itself. Kavya is incredibly attractive, according to Karan. Rishabh claims to have raised her lovingly. He is happy that Karan did not force her to leave him.

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