Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2023 Written Update

Preeran connect, the goons attack Karan. He says to Preeta that he wants to share something with her before he passes away. She begs him not to speak because she understands what he wants to say. She claims to be aware of the fact that he does in fact love her.

Karan desires to acknowledge both his identity as Karan and his affection for her. To take care of him, Preeta remains by his side.

The goon is captured by Mahesh and Kareena, who question him about his escape from the locked room. When the goon looks at Anjali, she becomes agitated. Mahesh strikes the thug. Anjali doesn’t want any members of the family to learn about her involvement.

Shambu questioned Prithvi earlier in the programme about why he was acting like a playboy despite his love for Sherlyn. Prithvi claims to have a big heart and the capacity to love numerous women. He longs for Preeta. Shrishti is unable to locate the police and Anjali.

When he arrives at the gate, Rishabh slams into her. He claims to have sent Kavya to the parlour and has come to pick her up. He appears pleased about the nuptials. Shrishti is astounded by his comprehension. Rishabh is asked by Sameer what happened to him. Rishabh assures them that he is well and asks them not to worry. He requests that they take in the wedding. Sameer loses to Kritika. She reprimands him for stepping on her foot.

Sameer expresses regret to her. Hugging Kritika, Rishabh soothes her. Kavya greets Rishabh when she gets home. Rishabh gives her a tender hug. They will always have Kavya with them, Shrishti tells him, so try not to feel upset. Rishabh recalls the discussion he had with Arjun.

Rishabh loves Kavya a lot, Karan realises. Kavya is his life, according to Rishabh, and he loves her more than life itself. Kavya is incredibly attractive, according to Karan. Rishabh claims to have raised her lovingly. He is happy that Karan did not force her to leave him.

Rishabh expresses gratitude to Karan for not stealing Kavya from him. While Rishabh is Kavya’s uncle, Karan advises her to refer to him as Bade Papa in addition to calling him her dad. After Karan hides his identity, Rishabh gives him a hug. Rishabh embraces Kavya. About Preeta, she enquires.

She says she would like to take the bride to the mandap like in the movies. Rishabh promises that they would carry out Kavya’s wishes in every way. According to Shrishti, Kavya is their princess. Preeta is prepared by Dadi. When Kavya first meets Preeta, she remarks on her beauty. Preeta is being taken, and Shrishti and Sameer arrive to announce the surprise.

They carry the floral blanket as they filmically carry Preeta to the mandap. Upon seeing Preeta, Karan beams and grabs her hand. They all recline in the mandap. Kavya claims that she has always wished to see Preeta’s wedding. She is overjoyed to see the wedding.

Preeta and Karan have a moment. The house is entered by dancers. The family members are made to dance to their tune. Preeta and Karan dance together joyfully. He becomes Preeta’s Karan, she is more assured about it. Anjali becomes angry upon witnessing their joyful dancing. She shatters a glass as she exits the house. She wails in agony.

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