Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 22th February 2023 Written Update

In the current episode, Gaura’s family prepares to go. They are told by Rahul that only those arrangements are for them. Ganga believes that Rekha will never be able to locate Gaura’s home. Calling Rekha, Som inquires about her discomfort. She is questioned by Som about why she left. Rekha claims that she was unable to due to agony.

Som is invited to meet Rekha. Som promises to show up. As he walks past Twinkle’s home, he thinks back on his interactions with her. When Som looks at his engagement ring, he becomes uneasy. Twinkle hears a depressing song. According to Rekha, she hasn’t given up yet. Ramesh returns with Ganga.

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai Written Update

Ganga and Rekha share congratulations on Som’s engagement. Rekha is urged by Ganga to accept Gaura in order for everyone to be content. Gaura muses over Som while listening to a love song. Gaura’s engagement ring is snatched by Laxmi, who puts it on with her own hand. Someone returns.

Rekha informs Ganga that she learned from her sources that Gaura is unfit to wed Som because of her lack of education. Som is startled. Rekha admits that she also finds it hard to believe, but it is true.

Asked by Som, Ganga. Everyone in Ganga’s community praises Gaura, therefore it can’t be real, she claims. Rekha claims that Ganga was duped. Som claims that he shares Gaura’s scepticism because Gaura mispronounced the word “cancel.” Gaura, according to Ganga, was simply tense. Ramesh inquires about Rekha’s evidence. Yes, says Rekha.

Chanchal and Pardesi enter. Chanchal, according to Rekha, was Gaura’s childhood friend, and the two of them attended the same school up till the fourth grade. Ganga and Som go silent. Chanchal is tasked by Rekha with sharing his or her early experiences. Chanchal fabricates details such as Gaura attending college and not being her friend.

Rekha can’t believe it. Rekha is informed by Pardeshi that Chanchal lied about Gaura out of jealousy after witnessing her pleasure. He asserts that Gaura and Chanchal cannot be friends since they are incomparable. Pardesi and Chanchal are asked to leave by Ganga.

Chanchal is lying, according to Rekha, since Gaura is an illiterate young woman. Gaura’s schooling is a question Som poses to Ganga. Gaura, according to Ganga, has a BA. She is prompted to show the certificate by Rekha. Ganga becomes mute. Kanchan returns to his house. She presents an erroneous Gaura certificate.

Rekha leaves to investigate. Kanchan belittles her by claiming that because she is uneducated, too, she won’t be able to understand anything. Som receives the certificate from Kanchan. When Som sees that Gaura received 75% in both economics and history, he is impressed. Kanchan claims that she requested that just 80% be made. Everyone is startled. Rekha beams.

According to Laxmi, they must now hire maids to take care of the domestic duties. Gaura promises to assist Laxmi with her work after her marriage. They are astonished to learn that Ganga has already dispatched two servants and a maid to assist them with wedding preparations. The story is over.

Precap – According to Som, there shouldn’t be any more queries or scepticism. He is now going to wed Gaura. Rekha makes an attempt to object. Ramesh tells her to be silent and take pleasure in their union. Ganga makes fun of Rekha. Plan to abduct Som during his Haldi ceremony by Rekha and Twinkle.

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