Sasural Simar Ka 22th February 2023 Written Update

The Oswaal family makes some auspicious arrangements to start the episode. How will they permanently liberate themselves from the witch, Reema wonders. Simar makes a suggestion on the Banyan tree. Everyone tries to look through that Banyan tree. They all appear downcast and bewildered. The Brahmin then adds that because they have no other option, they should try to find the Red door. Aarav asks him to assist them, but Brahmin responds that they must locate the red door on their own in order to obtain the root. He then continues to be silent.

Simar surmises that Sandhya is also imprisoned by the red door when Reema claims that all the churels reside behind it. Simar asks Matarani for assistance and recites Sandhya maa. Simar suddenly steps across her path, and she picks up a shard of crimson glass. She makes a call to Reema to confirm. They can see the original face of the horrors as soon as they pick up the red glass. Simar claims that there is a connection between witches and the colour red. Charulata keeps slicing that net. They make an effort to escape from that net. After Charulata is set free, she decides to help everyone. Badima tells Riyansh and Chitra to remain cool when they start to shake with fear.

Sasural Simar Ka Written Update

Gajendra observes Charulata’s abrupt silence. They are urged to focus on the prayer by Badima. They request the assistance of Badima and Chitra after hearing Simar and Reema yell out of the blue. But this is Charulata’s voice. Chitra is absolutely forbidden by Badima from turning their face away. They all are aware of Charulata’s cunning, says Badima to her. They won’t go ahead and set the trap. They all begin to pray once more.

Reema and Simar enter through the same red door this time. Simar notices the witches’ footfalls. They both begin to look through the red glass and realise there is a tree, whose leaves resemble bushes. When the entire family of body ma is still praying, charulatha keeps asking them to move away from the face, but badi maa firmly commands her family not to heed the witch’s advice. She then begins to irritate Geetanjali Devi by uttering a strange remark about her husband.

Charulata begins calling Geetanjali Devi in her husband’s voice all of a sudden. Badima sobs uncontrollably. She runs from the voice. Yet, the voice begs Badima’s forgiveness. Simar clutches Badima’s hand when she eventually turns away from her face and grabs Charulata’s hand.

Simar and Reema keep moving through the enigmatic woodland. They abruptly become aware of the crimson door. Reema is currently concealed, and Simar is unable to locate her anywhere. Simar explains the truth to Badima when she misunderstands what she is saying. Charulata drags Simar’s scarlet garment out of nowhere. When Brahmin shows up, he saves her.
Episode is over.

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