Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th March 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Jiya is asked by the police inspector if Raghav ever molested her. Jiya is told not to be alarmed by Nayantara because there is video evidence. Samrat requests that Jiya inform the police inspector of everything. Jiya claims Raghav didn’t do anything wrong.

She says Samrat instructed her to carry out all of this. Samrat inquires as to her motive for lying. Jiya claims Samrat paid her to carry out this task. Samrat then instructed her to attend the audition and videotape everything. Samrat acknowledges that he did it in order to reveal Raghav.

Raghav applauds. He admits to the police inspector that Samrat did everything in his power to get retribution. According to the police inspector, Raghav cannot be arrested. But, Raghav has the option to sue Samrat for slander. He is told by Raghav that he has pardoned Samrat.

They emerge from the police department. Samrat questions the reason behind Jiya’s statement change. Raghav chuckles. He informs him that he cannot defeat him. He claims to have known it was a trap all along. He describes how he tracked Jiya and witnessed her meeting Samrat.

He reveals to him that he went to Jiya’s home and persuaded her to make a statement against Samrat. They are advised to remain within their comfort zones because they cannot defeat him, and he then departs.

Samrat is told by Nayantara that his purpose was good, thus he shouldn’t feel bad after some time. The next time, she says, they’ll make plans together. If Samrat has gained her trust, he asks her. He is urged to keep trying by her. He claims to know an easy solution.

She requests him to stop tickling her after he starts. He pursues her as she flees from the area. They tumble to the bed ( Title song plays in the background ). Mansi is omniscient. Despite what she tells herself, she won’t allow them continue to be happy.

Prem queries Samrat the following day as to whether he has seen his books. He is reprimanded by Samrat for bothering him. Prem is informed by Nayantara that his books are in the playroom. Prem enters the play area. Nayantara queries Samrat as to whether he is still considering the Raghav situation. Samrat is informed by Mansi’s arrival that she can assist in exposing Raghav.

She claims to be quite familiar with Raghav because she spent five years living with him. Samrat queries her on her knowledge of Raghav. She divulges information regarding Raghav’s illicit video-piracy company. She claims to be aware of the location of the factory.

Eventually, police conduct a raid on Raghav’s workplace and detain the employees. Samrat is thanked by the police inspector for sharing crucial information. Samrat is informed by Mansi that she is on his side. Samrat acknowledges her. She believes that she is attempting to win back his trust.

Episode is over.

Samrat makes fun of Raghav for getting arrested in the precap. He has birthday preparations for Nayantara. Mansi intends to derail the scheme. Waiting for Samrat is Nayantara.

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