Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th March 2023 Written Update

Digvijay causes Atharva anger by incurring losses of 20 crores of rupees in his business. Instead, Digvijay claims he invested the money in the business and is confident they will see a profit shortly. 20 crores rupees is not a tiny sum, according to Armaan, and he should have made his decision earlier.

When Rudra and Saransh peek into Armaan’s office and see Armaan and Digvijay fighting, they comment that Armaan must have made a mistake for Armaan to be facing Digvijay in such a mature manner, demonstrating how Armaan is acting.

After describing the scenario, he requests that Saransh call Roohi and ask her to bring Preesha there. Preesha must go with Roohi, who drives her to Armaan’s workplace.
They are joined by Rudra and Saransh, who take her to reveal Armaan’s reality.

Armaan informs Digvijay that he put a lot of effort into expanding his company and can’t let Armaan destroy it. Digvijay claims that even he put a lot of effort into their firm and would recover the funds. If Armaan is genuinely a child, Rudra remarks after seeing Preesha their altercation.

He wouldn’t engage in such a brawl with Digvijay. He acknowledges playing the clown hoax on Armaan. Preesha declares that she will approach Armaan and demands an explanation from him if he is acting.

She walks Rudra into Armaan’s office. Digvijay is astonished and wonders why they are there. Armaan resumes his foolish antics while seeming happy to see Preesha.

As they witnessed Armaan and Digvijay’s altercation, Rudra requests that he cease acting. Digvijay claims he was watching them from a distance and that if he had entered instead of wasting time, he would have known the truth.

Armaan is acting childish, claims Rudra. Armaan, according to Digvijay, is behaving while watching TV. Preesha is invited to join Armaan, who explains that he was posing as a businessman. Rudra is warned by Digvijay to quit eavesdropping and waste their time.

If he was taking him to an activity class, why did he bring him to the workplace, wonders Rudra. Digvijay claims he received a crucial call and arrived at the office first. Armaan keeps on acting. Rudra is urged by Preesha to quit acting inappropriately or else she will get him into trouble.

Armaan remembered that after overhearing Rohi and Saransh’s talk, Pihu called him and informed him beforehand. Digvijay is asked to perform as Armaan instructs after the latter discovers Rudra, Preesha, and the children watching him.

Armaan believes Rudra may do whatever he wants without being exposed because of the flashback. return home

Preesha doesn’t believe Rudra, so she gives him a tongue lashing despite his attempts to persuade her. Rudra claims that he is doing it for her and that he wants her to escape this situation. Preesha begs him to focus on Pihu rather than worrying about her.

She feels that he shouldn’t be aware of her knowledge that Pihu is carrying his child. She closes the door after pushing him out of the room.

Rudra is adamant on getting the whole story out about Armaan. Saransh and Roohi claim that once Armaan returned to his room, he moved the entire table in his favour. According to Rudra, Armaan anticipated their arrival and took appropriate action.

He must be spying on them in the same way that they are spying on him through a third party’s servant. What will they do next? Saransh queries. To show Preesha that Armaan is perfectly OK, according to Rudra, they should provide her Armaan’s actual brain scan data. Why would Armaan consent to the scans, Roohi wonders. They shouldn’t tell Armaan, advises Rudra.

Digvijay and Pihu are informed by Armaan that Rudra cannot spy on him while he is using a spy camera in his room. He gives Pihu praise for assisting him on time.

As Armaan saw Rudra and Preesha approaching, Digvijay said he behaved nicely. Digvijay is given a seven-day deadline to refund his 20 crores or else Armaan will feel regret.

Pihu cautions him to treat his chachaji politely and reminds him of their support, both materially and emotionally. Armaan claims he separates his professional and personal lives and won’t stand for loss in his business. According to Pihu, Digvijay put a lot of effort into this company. How dare she talk to him like way, Armaan warns.

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