Yeh Hai Chahatein 20 March 2023 Written Update

Preesha spanks the clown and gives him the tongue-lash for pulling a bomb joke at a kid’s birthday celebration. Clown claims to have just launched glittering stars of confetti. Preesha threatens to write a police report and lodge a complaint against his boss.

Rudra tells her to cool out because the clown was only doing his job of amusing everyone; how could he have known she would go to such lengths to defend Armaan.

Why shouldn’t she, argues Preesha. She should put this matter to rest at this point since Rudra claims it was a hoax bomb. He dismisses the clown. Armaan praises God for preventing him from fleeing in order to protect his wife because if he had, Rudra would have been able to take Preesha away from him.

Preesha walks furiously to her room. In her wake is Rudra. Because she doesn’t want to talk to him, Preesha requests that he leave. Rudra expresses his desire to help and inquires as to what about Armaan was so special that she would sacrifice her life to save him, forgetting about their love for one another, and what would have happened to him and his children if something had happened to her.

Preesha swears she won’t speak further and sets herself free. According to Rudra, she is undoubtedly concealing something because of her quiet.

Preesha reflects about Pihu lying about being pregnant with Rudra’s child and claims that Rudra has also moved on with Pihu ignoring his kids. When she considers how to explain the situation to him, she throws him out of the room. She is greatly offended by Rudra’s actions and demands Armaan to inform her where their child is. Rudra is also discouraged by Preesha’s actions.

Roohi snaps at Saransh and demands to know why Preesha saved Armaan. Preesh, according to Saransh, is a doctor who performed her obligation to save a child. As per Roohi, Armana is not a child. They’ll find another means to expose Armaan, according to Rudra.

He believes that they should put a covert CCTV camera in Armaan’s room and monitor him because he knows that at some point during the day, Armaan will do something wrong. Kids concur. As Armaan is sleeping, Rudra and Saransh visit his room at night and mount a CCTV camera in a portrait.

The entire night is spent reviewing live video, but nothing unusual is discovered. The next morning, Armaan discovers the painting has been moved. Preesha fixes the error.

Armaan keeps acting like a child. If Armaan actually turned into a child, Roohi queries Rudra. Digvijay brings Armaan toys. At the painting, Armaan gives him a signal. Digvijay is aware of Armaan’s ambitions, so Rudra tells the children that they should keep a watch on him as well.

Armaan is informed by Digvijay that he will accompany him to activity class. Armaan seemed elated. Rudra goes after them. Armaan unwinds when Digvijay is calling. His acting is praised by Digvijay. Armaan describes how Roohi’s earlier recordings were erased and how he saw Rudra fix a camera in his room. Both of them proceed to their offices.

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