A new girl enters Adhik’s life

Today’s episode of Anupamaa begins with Anuj and Pakhi’s talk. Anuj tells Pakhi that you have to do this stupidity. Pakhi is shocked to hear this. And Isra doesn’t. Then Anuj says very good. And Anuj says to end all this fighting. After this the next scene comes.
In which Pakhi has reached her home. And as soon as she reaches the door of the house, she gets shocked. He sees some girl in the house with Athik. The one who is with Athik is talking laughingly.

Pakhi gets angry seeing all this and goes back. And in the next scene, the girl calls Athik Bhaiya. And gives attention to laugh after listening to his jokes. And says now you will keep this smile on your face.

And Athik replies saying thank you Pinky for bringing happiness on my face. Was feeling very bad since yesterday. And Pinky says you are missing Bhabhi. And she says what is the use of such anger in which there is harm to oneself as well as harm to the person in front. Leave it all, convince him. Athik says you are right.

There is no point in fighting. In the next scene, Anupama is seen and she has shoulder pain. Anupama is eating something when she gets a phone call. Which she picks up and says angrily I don’t want any card, I’m sorry. This ends the phone call. And looks very upset. By then Vanraj comes to him.

Vanraj says Anupama because of your husband there should not be any problem in my daughter’s life. Then Anupama says that there has been trouble in your daughter’s life because of you.

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