Anupama 14th March 2023 Written Update: Anupama’s Plea To Maaya

In the kitchen, Anuj bakes a cake for Little Anu while thinking back to the time Anupama agreed to send her with Maaya. Anupama assures that everything will be fine. Anuj claims that it must be. He admits to Ankush that Anupama is making an effort, but he doesn’t have much faith in Maaya and wishes there was another way.

Ankush claims that if there had been a choice, they would have taken it; he talked with leading attorneys and they all agreed that the child would be returned to her real mother. Anuj cries out. He is consoled by Ankush. Tiny Anu sent her a note wishing to meet everyone, including the Shah family, Anupama says as she approaches Anuj.

According to Anuj, she vowed to stop Little Anu at any costs. Indeed, Anupama replies. Tiny Anu can then meet anybody she likes, according to Anuj. Tiny Anu, according to Anupama, messaged to say that she would like to meet everyone. Then, Anuj requests that she call everyone. Anupama offers prayers to the Almighty.

Kapadias and Shahs excitedly await Little Anu after a while. Are they certain that Maaya will bring Little Anu, inquires Kavya. Dimple claims Maaya concurred. Samar queries Dimple about the status of the argument between Anuj and Anupama.

Despite the fact that she hasn’t yet spoken to them, Dimple claims that they are conversing. Leela requests a call to confirm. As Anuj phones Maaya, he discovers that her phone is off. What if Maaya tricked them and abducted Little Anu, Leela wonders. He declares that he will go to the airport in a panic. Vanraj advises him to wait here since perhaps they won’t be at the airport.

Anu, a little child, enters while addressing his parents. She receives affectionate hugs from Anupama and Anuj. The song Tera Khushiyan can be heard in the background. Little Anu is told how much he missed her. Even the young Anu misses them more, she claims.

Maaya enters. Anupama appreciates Maaya and believes she must handle the situation. Maaya claims she couldn’t disrespect another mothr’s plea. Little Anu explains to everyone that she wanted to meet them all before she and Maaya left. She greets each member of the family, telling them she will miss their chocolate milkshakes, asking Hasmukh to take his medications on time, Leela not to get upset and if she can kiss Pari, Pari not to forget her aunt, and Vanraj to smile more often.

Kavya claims that they have many gifts for her. Tiny Anu inquires about farewell presents and follows her to check. Anuj begs Maaya to give his daughter back to him and queries her motives for doing so. She is also begged by Barkha and Leela to allow Little Anu to stay with Anuj and Anupama. Maaya claims she is not kidnapping their daughter but rather taking her back; she issued Anupama a challenge that if Little Anu accepted her invitation to join her within 15 days, she would release her.

Hasmukh demands that Little Anu stay with Anuj and Anupama first, then Barkha and other people. He claims that a child cannot stay away from family. Pakhi questions Maaya as to why she abandoned her child at an orphanage if she wished to get her back, noting that Little Anu received genuine maternal affection from Anupama. Maaya claims she is not in the room to hear lectures.

Anuj begs her to remain with them indefinitely, but not to steal his daughter. According to Maaya, he had agreed to let her stay in his home for a month but remained silent when Anupama wanted to evict her after giving her only one day to stay. Shahs beg Maaya once more not to remove Little Anu. Maaya asserts that she won’t submit to their emotional blackmail and won’t modify her mind.

Anupama begs Maaya once more. Anupama has allegedly always neglected Little Anu since her children come first, according to Maaya. She recalls the instances in which Anupama neglected Little Anu in favour of her own adult children. Anupama claims that she was helpless when Toshu needed her.

Anupama can’t do her daughter justice and would spend half her time with Little Anu and half with her own children; she doesn’t need a half mother for her; Maaya claims that even she was powerless to leave her daughter at an orphanage, which begs the question of why Pakhi teased her over it.

Precap: Tiny Anu is sent off with Maaya after Anuj and Anupama conduct her farewell.

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