Faltu 14th March Written Episode Update

When the episode opens, Janardhan reprimands Ayaan. I knew you were lying there, he adds, and now you’re looking for her. What will you do, he asks, because you’re undoing all of our hard work and the academy won’t take her back after that video? According to Ayaan, the video might be inaccurate. Tanisha is your wife and Kanika is my business partner; she is your duty, not Faltu.

Did you consider Tanisha’s feelings? She is a sweet girl; pay attention to her, Janardhan asks. He requests that Ayaan make the choice. Tanu is at the door, and he motions for her to enter. If there is a problem, she inquires. He claims I reprimanded him because I wanted him to come up with fresh business ideas, but he… To speak, he invites them. He leaves. Was dad talking about business or Faltu, she inquires of Ayaan.

Faltu approaches the man and inquires about Vishal. The match video became popular, Rajan wants to give you more matches for more money, do you want to play, should I talk to him about it, he claims while still in bed. I will discuss matches later, she says. Kanika is anxious. Tanu enters and sobs. She tells Kanika everything. I believe Faltu was following me, Kanika tells her to calm down. Tanisha queries what we’ll do if she finds out the truth. Kanika claims that I have a plan. She shows the file.

Faltu claims that I’ve prepared everything for the supper. We just had lunch, so why are you keeping dinner prepared, asks Dadi. , and the world. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. She anticipates my arrival shortly. She slams into Ayaan. Where are you going, Ayaan queries. Rocky, according to Dadi, is visiting his friend’s father. Which hospital should I go to, Ayaan enquires. Rocky replies that since you are wealthy and don’t need to see a poor man, I will take care of things.

What nonsense, Ayaan asks, and I’ll be there. She frets. Kanika claims that when Faltu tries to find out for whom Vishal works, she would know Ayaan’s identity, Vishal will take Ayaan’s name, and Faltu won’t know about us. Kanika claims that we have paid money to Vishal’s account from Ayaan’s account; he won’t know anything.

Are you certain about Vishal, Tanu queries? This will widen the chasm between Ayaan and Faltu, and even if Ayaan cries that he is innocent, no one will believe him. Kanika claims that he will do anything for money, that his personal motivation is to see Ayaan destroyed, that he won’t leave us so easily, and that this is a foolproof strategy. Faltu says the name of the hospital.

I know the manager, Ayaan claims, and I’ll speak with him and assist. Faltu says there’s no need to bother because I can handle it. It’s not a problem, Ayaan responds; come, I’ll drop you off and chat to the manager. Rocky, your issue has been resolved, so leave right away, says Dadi. Ayaan takes Faltu along. The seat belt is fastened. They have a brief window.

Faltu offers justifications and begs the patient not to visit the hospital. Ayaan becomes upset and adds, “I understand. Someone flees away and views your assistance as a burden. She regrets it. Do you not want my help? he asks after dropping her off at the hospital. Faltu says you go, I will manage, take care. He leaves. Thereafter, she departs.

She is here to watch over Vishal. When Ayaan first encounters him, he asks where Faltu is. Rajan’s phone is off, the man replies, and we don’t know her address. When I try to help her, she flees, Ayaan wonders why. He claims that the only way I can clear her record and keep my vow to her father is by lending a helping hand to her. Vishal awakens. He cannot locate any water. He becomes irate. Faltu enters wearing a disguise and beams.

Faltu captures Vishal’s confession in the precap. Vishal claims that I stole their money and destroyed her cricket career.

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