Udaariyaan 16th March 2023 Written Update

The lavish Holi party in the Sandho household is set up at the beginning of the episode. In addition to asking him to bring some treats, Harleen also offers the decorator a list of things she needs. She hopes that Nehmat and Ekaam will worship together, she seems quite excited regarding the event.

When she enters, a boy with his face covered approaches and stands in front of her. Harleen removes the cover and sees that Advait has reached there. Advait responds that he wants her to accompany him when she asks him why he came there.

Harleen asks him to go after he uses some force on her. As Harleen notices some individuals, she screams, but Advait coerces her into following. Nehmat dials Harleen in this case to find out where she is. The call did not reach Harleen though. While everything is going on, Advait verbally abuses Harleen for damaging his reputation by speaking the truth to the media.

Advait mistreats with Harleen when Harleen accuses him of mistreating Nehmat when she acts frank with him. Advait accuses her of ruining his respect for her as they resume their verbal exchanges. But Harleen doesn’t seem to feel bad about what she did. Both of them strike each other. Yet after a little while, Advait begins to suffocate Harleen between his hands by forcefully holding her breath. Harleen seems confused when he gives her a hard jerk.

Advait becomes anxious and wonders aloud if he has killed her. Nehmat asks her parents if they are aware of Harleen, but they refuse to share the surprise with her. Nehmat can’t stop worrying about Harleen. In the meantime, several visitors arrive with the treats, and Nehmat is relieved to learn about Harleen. Her parents stop her as she eagerly prepares to leave to meet Harleen. She, however, is unable to stop worrying about Harleen.

Samaher Kappor becomes agitated since they were unable to locate him. Rama is chastised by him for indulging her child. Advait is dragging Harleen in this scene as he hides her body; she left her shoes in the middle, and he appears anxious about what to do.

Suddenly, out of the blue, he decides to place the body in the middle of the gasoline so that she will be burned alive. He drags Harleen’s body under the wood and positions them as previously. He exits the area when visitors arrive. The group arrives at the location of the celebration in the evening. Nehmat keeps on looking for Harleen.

Jasmine also calls her repeatedly, but nobody ever receives a response. Nehmat asks her nanu about Harleen often, but he says nothing. The elaborate Holi preparations by the Sandho family are greatly appreciated. Every time Nehmat starts to search Harleen, someone stops her. Then, unexpectedly, Harleen’s WhatsApp voice message wishing Nehmat a happy Holi is played by Nehmat’s nanu. Nehmat anticipates Harleen’s surprise.

When everyone is in adoration, suddenly Nehmat sees Ekam approaching. She is shocked when she sees him. Ekam is still fixated on her. She understands that Harleen is surprised by this. But Nehmat’s restlessness continues. She can’t help but call Harleen. Ekam wonders why Nehmat appears to be so concerned. He tries to calm Nehmat down when she asks about Ekam, though.

Nehmat also inquires about Advait, but Ekam reassures her that he couldn’t harm her. Advait stays in the car to witness Harleen’s demise when the celebration finally begins. Nehmat is encouraged by Rupi and Satti to participate in the festivities.

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