Udaariyaan 17th March 2023 Written Update

Ekam congratulates Nehmat at the beginning of the episode for escaping Advait. Grabbing the flowers, Nehmat expresses gratitude. Ekam calls Satti and Rupy. Nehmat informs Ekam that her grandparents met Sury. Ekam is likewise prevented from playing music by her.

She then asks him what’s going on with Harleen and expresses concern for her. Jasmine tells Harleen to grab her love from the other side and chastises her. After defending herself and claiming that she unleashed someone’s love, Harleen cuts the line. Ekam informs Nehmat that he only wants to think about her in the while. Nehmat queries Ekam about her confusion on what transpired. She adds that she would like to meet Harleen.

Ekam explains that Harleen was the one who told the media about Advait and her marriage. Nehmat is startled. She then claims that Advait must have threatened Harleen in order for her to keep it hidden from everyone. Ekam claims that the only reason he consented to marry Harleen was what she told him. Also, he tells her that he broke off his engagement to Harleen.

Then he tells her that he is happy that they have finally had another chance to be together and that he won’t blow this one. He also expresses to Nehmat the value of her being in his life. Then, after telling her that she must obey him, he kneels before Nehmat and declares his love for her. Nehmat observes.

Nehmat remembers their conversation with Harleen. Ekam is then asked why he is acting in this way. He is highly beloved by Harleen. How could he suddenly reject her in this way when she decided to marry him while knowing he couldn’t possibly love her back. Ekam asks Nehmat to accept his proposal after telling her that they are meant to be together.

Nehmat believes she waited for them to be back together, just like Ekam. But, remembering Renuka’s remarks, she declines Ekam’s offer, declaring that the two of them cannot be together. She also appreciates him for his assistance up to this point. Nehmat is tasked by Ekam to look him in the eyes and reject him. Nehmat follows suit. Even though Ekam is saddened, he assures Nehmat that Nehmat loves him just as much as he loves her since he knows her so well. He won’t force her to accept him back; instead, he will wait for her to do so before leaving the location.

While clutching the flowers, Nehmat sobs. Swaroop and Satti Rupy go back home. Nehmat is asked by Swaroop why Ekam visited their home. Nehmat explains that Ekam came to wish her luck in enjoying her freedom. She then departs, stating that she will soon return home. Satti and Rupy are dejected. While travelling in an auto rickshaw, Nehmat is reminded of the promise she made to Renuka and becomes motivated to keep it.

When Harleen encounters Renuka, she implores her to grant her the opportunity to present her case once. Harleen is yelled at by Renuka, who accuses her of betraying her. Then, if she doesn’t leave, she threatens to bring a complaint against her. After becoming harmed, Harleen departs. As Nehmat arrives at Harleen’s home, he or she discovers that it is locked and wonders where she went. There, Harleen shows up. Both of them are fixated on the other.

Eventually, Harleen reveals to Nehmat that she wed Advait so he might obtain Canadian citizenship. Advait was aided by Jasmine. They never had a relationship. Nehmat questions Harleen on her decision to tell the media this truth. Has she received any threats? ‘No,’ answers Harleen. She then informs Nehmat that although Ekam may have consented to marry her, he was never really hers because Nehmat is the only one who owns him. Nehmat begs Harleen to wed Ekam after telling her that she and Ekam can never be together once more.

Asserting that she wants to play a game with him, Harleen agrees to her request and names Rainbow, Boxing, Freedom, and Love. Nehmat responds by identifying who the words mean to her. She refuses to take Ekam’s name out of Love and informs Rupy instead. The time has changed, according to her as well. Nehmat is asked to accept Ekam back by Harleen, who promises to persuade Renuka. Nehmat embraces Harleen.

Advait is horrified to learn from Naaz that Harleen was the one who told the media the truth about his marriage. He makes the choice not to spare here. Nehmat informs Ekam that they must defend Harleen from Advait in this situation. Advait sneaks out of his residence unnoticed. Then, he discovers Harleen with Rupy and becomes enraged.

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