Udaariyaan 18th March 2023 Written Update

Ekam remembers the news when he stares at Harleen at the beginning of the episode. He then asks her to read the newspaper after showing it to her. He reads the news himself regarding Advait and Harleen’s wedding. He then starts interrogating Harleen while yelling at her for being silent and telling her that Nehmat’s life is now at danger as a result of her silence.

Then, he makes a comparison between Harleen and Jasmine, claiming that the latter betrayed her. He had promised himself he wouldn’t hate her, but today he hurt her deeply before mocking her. He is urged not to say such things by Harleen. Ekam questions Harleen about how long she waited for Nehmat and himself to become separated so that she could find him and be successful in doing so.

He must give Harleen a chance to speak. Ekam reminds her of her words and the ways in which she thinks differently than other people. He then accuses her of being selfish and turns to leave, but is stopped by Harleen, who argues that she had become selfish because she had fallen in love with him and had only recently come to terms with their love.

She extends her sincere regret for whatever occurred. She hears Ekam’s yells. Harleen claims that she wants him and Nehmat to be together, so she is now releasing him from her.

Ekam tosses the ring in her direction and declares that he did everything because Nehmat begged him to, but that he has never loved her and doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her. Harleen explains that she wants Ekam and Nehmat to reconcile because she recognises their mutual dependence on one another.

Nehmat prays to God for Harleen in the temple as she remembers Harleen calling her a sister. Ekam now turns away from Harleen. Harleen picks up Ekam’s ring off the ground and decides she will sacrifice her love for Ekam’s happiness. Ekam remembers what transpired.

But, after remembering Nehmat’s pain and hearing a love song, he feels hopeful that he and Nehmat will one day be reunited. He then joyfully dances and purchases a ring and a bouquet of roses. He expresses gratitude to God for bringing Nehmat back to him, declares that no one can now separate them, and then leaves. He makes an entrance. Washing his face, Advait.

One of the reporters makes an attempt to photograph him. Advait humiliates him. Shamsher apologises and promises to confront them with the truth soon. When inside the house, he slaps Advait and tells him not to go until he discovers who is responsible for all of this.

Advait claims he is certain Nehmat is responsible for all of this. Nehmat arrives at her home in this instance and is startled to see reporters there. They probe Nehmat about the details of Advait’s union with Harleen. Nehmat recounts all the events throughout Advait’s life. He must obey the law, she says, adding that she is grateful to God before entering her home.

When she thinks of Ekam’s comments, Harleen sobs. Then Jasmine calls and chastises her for choosing to sacrifice her love for Nehmat and acting like an emotional fool. Jasmine then requests that Harleen tell the media that the information is false, but Harleen declines, infuriating her. Jasmine advises being egotistical rather than sacrificing when in love.

Later, Nehmat sees Ekam arrive with a band and plays the guitar while singing a love song to her. Nehmat turns her back on Ekam. She then asks him, looking bewildered, what all of this is about. She receives a bouquet of flowers from Ekam, who also congratulates her on getting rid of Advait. Nehmat remembers Harleen telling her that she needs to be happy since Ekam depends on it. She observes.

Precap: Harleen begs Nehmat to accept Ekam and honour her sacrifice. Ekam confesses to Nehmat that he broke his engagement to Harleen and that he didn’t love Harleen as much as Nehmat, and he asks her to marry him by bending down. Nehmat observes.

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