Udaariyaan 19th March 2023 Written Update

Nehmat is astonished when he first hears of Advait and Harleen’s marriage, which is how the episode begins. As she watches the news about Advait, Ekam’s superior is astonished. The news shocks residents of the village, who begin to doubt Advait’s commitment. Sandhu is currently reading the newspaper. Swaroop rejects the information as false.

Nehmat informs Swaroop it’s not a lie after recalling Advait’s fabrications. Shamsher inquires as to how the story ends up in the media at Kapoor’s residence. When Advait reads the news, he remembered the talk he had with Nehmat about getting a passport. He assumed Nehmat was the one who published the news and related their chat. Shamsher reprimands him and warns him that if he doesn’t take action, he would lose everything.

Swaroop informs Sandhu that Harleen must be responsible for all of this because she is Jasmine’s daughter. Nehmat and Satti stand up for Harleen. Harleen is informed by Nehmat that Ekam loves her and will do everything for her. Rupy questions Jasmine’s explanation that she must have hated Ekam in order to do all of this.

Swaroop concurs, but Satti claims that Jasmine would never do this with Harleen because she remembers how happy she was for Harleen’s marriage. Shamsher asks Naaz in Kapoor’s mansion to determine whether Nehmat is or is not responsible for all of this. Naaz agrees. Nehmat decides to call Harleena after becoming concerned for her, then she departs.

For Harleen, Satti and Rupy are concerned. Swaroop exhorts everyone to rejoice for Nehmat as she finally learns the truth about Advait. According to Nehmat’s uncle, Advait and Nehmat’s marriage isn’t legally binding, therefore they should be relieved that Nehmat won’t have to pursue a divorce. Rupy and Satti are joyful.

Nikhil informs the family members gathered in Kapoor’s home that he does not believe Nehmat is responsible for all of this because, rather than accomplishing all of this, Nehmat would have used it to obtain a divorce from Advait.

The family members worry about how to react when they receive frequent calls from the media. Nehmat calls Harleen and becomes concerned when she doesn’t pick up. She is told by Rupy and Satti that she is now free of Advait. Nehmat hugs Rupy joyfully. She then reflects on her encounter with Harleen and declares that she really must speak with Harleen. Ekam returns home to see Renuka and Mallika getting ready for his wedding at Randhawa’s home. Advait must sit with them, per Renuka. Ekam and Mallika quarrel.

The marriage of Advait and Harleen shocked all three of them, according to the news reporter. Mallika and Renuka accuse Nehmat of being the perpetrator of all of this. Shamsher tells Advait that he wrecked his political career while taunting him in Kapoor’s home.

Shamsher slaps Advait as he tries to talk and tells him not to say or do anything because he will handle the problem. The marriage licence for Harleen and Advait is displayed here in the press. Mallika is startled. Renuka rejects all of this as being true. Ekam begs her not to blame Nehmat for anything before revealing who did this and walking away.

At the residence of the Kapoors, a reporter arrives. Advait leaves despite Rama’s attempts to stop him. He and Shamsher are questioned by reporters on the veracity of the news. They are being tricked, says Advait. A leader of a women’s organisation appears and cautions Advait. She also believes Nehmat must have been aware of this fact, which is why Advait tried to disprove hers.

The reporter interrogates Advait and supports the women. Whoever is responsible for all of this, Advait decides not to spare. Ekam remembers their chat, during which Harleen also subtly threatened Advait. He believes that Harleen should respond to all of his inquiries. There, Harleen shows up. She hesitates before approaching Ekam. Ekam carries Harleen along with him. Harleen says nothing. Nehmat phones Harleen and expresses concern that Ekam’s outburst would do harm to her. She hopes nothing of the sort occurs.

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