Udaariyaan 20 March 2023 Written Update

The first line of the episode is Mallika getting a message from Naaz that is from Ekam and Harleen. Mallika becomes upset. When Renuka comes, she is confused as to where Harleen is. When Harleen arrives, she sobs a lot. Mallika and Renuka become concerned and inquire about what transpired. They learn about Nehmat’s accident through Harleen, and Ekam visited Advait’s home to look into the matter.

For Ekam, Mallika expresses concern. Entering the Kapoor residence, Ekam accuses Advait of attempting to murder Nehmat. Advait accuses Nehmat of having an affair with Ekam and considers both Ekam and Nehmat crazy. Ekam is teased by Advait’s aunt. Ekam restrains herself by interrogating Advait about disparaging his wife.

He then queries Advait as to why, if he believes his wife to be insane, he hasn’t granted Nehmat a divorce. Additionally, he teases him by telling him that he should be ashamed of himself for being willing to endanger the lives of his family members in order to keep his excellent reputation. Advait warns Ekam that Nehmat would be blamed for his death.

He also challenges, saying he will definitely kill Nehmat. Shamsher and his family are startled. Shamsher attempts to stop Advait, but he won’t budge. Everyone is shocked when Ekam punches Advait. Shamsher gives his troops the order to eject Ekam from the residence. Ekam makes a threat to abandon Advait. Shamsher warns Ekam that he won’t be spared.

Meet with Ekam’s top officer. The latter expresses his dissatisfaction with Ekam for how he treated Advait. Ekam justifies himself by claiming Advait attempted to murder a young woman. The senior officer is unreceptive to his arguments and asks that he provide evidence in support of his claims against Advait. Ekam claims that while he does not currently have evidence, he will do so shortly.

The senior officer informs him that he is under pressure from his superiors to suspend him and that he has no choice but to do so. He also asks Ekam not to do anything that would put him in the position of having to fire him. Okay, Ekam nods. After giving his superior his belongings, he departs the building. When Nehmat sees Sury, she accuses herself of causing his illness.

She apologises to his wife when she meets her as well. Nehmat is told by Sury’s wife that it wasn’t her fault and is urged not to place the guilt on herself. Nehmat departs after making a vow to pray for Sury’s recovery. As Harleen notices Renuka is worried about Ekam, she recommends to her that she go check on him. When Ekam gets there, he says it’s not necessary.

When Renuka notices him in this condition, she asks him what happened to his outfit. Ekam remembers his exclusion. Nimat is accused by Mallika. Ekam tells her that once upon a time, they were best friends and that he will do whatever it takes to save Nehmat before departing.

Ekam starts shattering objects after remembering all that happened. From a distance, Harleen observes this and becomes upset. When she notices Ekam’s injured finger, she becomes concerned and runs to help. Ekam intervenes to stop her and then expresses his grief at witnessing Nehmat in this condition.

He also discusses Nehmat’s early life, when she lost both of her parents in what turned out to be a premeditated murder. He also asserts that Nehmat wed Advait to protect Naaz. Then he claims Nehmat gives up her happiness for others’ and informs her of Advait’s relationship with his girlfriend and how he treated Nehmat.

Afterwards, he declares to Harleen that he will give his life to save Nehmat. Ekam is urged by Harleen not to give up since true love always triumphs. Ekam praises her and gives her a hug. Harleen believes that now is the appropriate time to reveal Advait’s true identity in order to have him punished. Nehmat later chooses to go see Sury. In the news article she reads, it was revealed that Harleen and Advait had already wed. She is startled and thinks back to her talk with Advait over his visa and Canadian citizenship. She asks how Advait could conceal this from her and betray her in such a way.

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