GHKKPM 17th March 2023 Written Update

Vinayak learns from Savi that they will buy him food because they missed him at the dinner at the beginning of the episode. He is unhappy after viewing a picture that Savi sent. He appears irritated when Pakhi brings pizza and inquires as to why. She queries whether he regrets his father going to the hotel without him and instead accompanying Savi. She assures you that your mother has prepared a superb pizza; simply try it and decide if your mother’s or the hotel’s is superior.

Vinayak predicts that your homemade pizza will be tasty, but I prefer to go out to eat with your dad and you. He requests that she check on Savi’s enjoyment of Sai and Virat. Seeing the photo, Pakhi becomes upset. Previously, we were his family; however, Savi and Sai are now his other family. She adds that you have your mother, who baked pizza for you to taste; tomorrow is Holi; therefore, let others do as they choose; but, we two are a family. There, Bhavani appears and cautions Pakhi not to taint Vinayak’s thinking.

What is wrong with her words, Pakhi queries. Bhavani claims that you’re attempting to convince him that Vinayak is unimportant to Virat because he’s starting a new family. She begs Pakhi to stop being negative and declares that everyone shall celebrate Holi in her way.

Vinayak departs after stating that Pakhi and he will rejoice. Bhavani cautions Pakhi not to cause any trouble during Holi because she would be spending the holiday with her grandkids. She departs after asking Pakhi to make Holi preparations. Nobody, in Pakhi’s opinion, can keep Vinayak and her apart.

Next, Bhavani and the children place the logs for the Holika Dahan. The children are told by Bhavani to prepare for Holika Dahan. Children run to prepare. Bhavani notices Sai creating a rangoli. Glad you feel like a member of the family, Bhavani says while arranging a rangoli.

You told Savi the truth so she might seek revenge on me, but it ended up being for the best, and you told her how I would take my son away from this place. Sai claims she would leave the house once she had exorcised Vinayak’s hatred. Rangoli is here, adds Bhavani with a smile. She thinks she won’t allow Sai and her grandkids leave from there as she is departing.

Sai’s rangoli is ruined by Pakhi. What is she doing, Sai queries. Pakhi replies I will do the ceremonies because it is my home, not you, and you are trying to take my place. Pakhi attempts a brand-new Rangoli. Sai claims that although you are blaming me, you are the real offender.

Pakhi is unable to make rangoli. When Sai notices this, he tells Pakhi that those who destroy other things are unable to create anything because they also worry that their own creations will be destroyed. Sai enters the room.

Savi prepares. She queries Sai about her appearance. Sai thinks you look stunning. Sai is asked by Savi to wear a saree that Virat gave her. Sai disputes. Savi claims she won’t partake in the Holi festivities with her family or consume any of the food they make. She sits furious after removing the hairband.

One and everyone get ready. Women compliment one other’s appearance. Sonali asks Ashwini to name the person who is most attractive. Pakhi arrives there dressed in a conventional saree. Seeing her, everyone is impressed. I think everyone got their answer, according to Ashwini.

Everyone agrees that Pakhi looks more attractive. I was right when I said Pakhi would be the finest, adds Ashwini. Pakhi claims she was unable to win her husband over. In addition to telling Virat that wives prepare for their husbands, Ninad wants him to appreciate his wife. Virat considers Sai. Virat visits Pakhi and compliments her on how lovely she looks. Everybody enjoys.

He then turns his focus to Sai, who is approaching in the saree he had given her as a present. When Pakhi sees Sai approaching, she is horrified to see Virat engrossed in Sai. Ashwini is informed by Karishma that she is mistaken because Sai is also looking gorgeous. Sai truly does appear more lovely than other people, as Bhavani claims.

Episode is over.

Precap – Virat informs Sai that she is being detained since she failed to colour her spouse on the Holi holiday. Sai queries Virat about his sanity.

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