GHKKPM 18th March 2023 Written Update

When Savi bought a saree for her, Sai inquires at the beginning of the episode. Seeing Virat, Savi. She tells Sai a fib that she made Bhavani make the decision. Sai claims that lying is wrong. Instead of saying thanks, Virat queries why she is doubting Savi. Your saree is torn, he adds; accept it. Sai is urged to accept by Savi. Sai asks Savi to reveal the truth and declares that she detests lying. According to Virat, that is true.

Sai queries Savi as to why she wasn’t given her preferred salwar suit and not a saree. Savi questions Virat about his lack of a salwar suit. Virat raises his brow. If they are caught, Savi queries. No issue, according to Virat. Sai is asked by Savi not to get upset with her father and why she behaves like a spy. Khaddos spy, claims Sunny. Sunny makes Virat and Sai happy.

Virat inquires as to Sunny’s whereabouts throughout this time. Sunny says I sent you a message before I left for Australia and when I arrived to meet you, but you didn’t get in touch with me and I wasn’t sure why. Virat informs Sai that the narrative is lengthy and that he will hear it later.

Sunny hugs Sai and Savi with joy. He requests that Savi call him Chachu. Sunny informs Virat that he enjoys having his entire family together. Sai and Virat seem dejected. Sunny looks at their faces and wonders if they are still arguing.

How does he know, Savi queries. Sunny says I know their struggles. Savi wants him to explain how they were able to come to terms. Sunny claims that when people fight, they go by different names, such as Modak and Mirchi. Virat and Sai remember that time. Sunny is prompted to continue by Savi. Sunny is invited to join Virat for dinner.

I must stop eating, according to Sunny, or Savi will have to treat me. Like her father, Savi claims she aspires to work as a police officer. Wow, Sunny exclaims, wishing you and your partner could have a son with Sai’s medical aptitude. Savi claims to have a sibling.

Where is their boy, Sunny wonders. Virat claims to be ill. Sunny said he would like to visit their entire family. He learns they are not a couple from Sai. Sunny is startled. Savi claims that they had a falling out, and I’m attempting to mend their fences. The following day, Virat invites Sunny to return home so they can discuss. Where is Pakhi, Sunny queries of him. According to Sai, Pakhi is Virat’s legitimate wife. Sunny is startled.

Pakhi suspects Sai and Virat may be spending time together in the kitchen. While she cuts onions, she is going to slash her hands. She is informed by Vinayak, who inquires as to her tears. Pakhi deceives him, telling him that she isn’t crying and that the tears are from chopping onions for his pizza. She is instructed to do so by Vinayak. Pakhi averts her gaze.

She is given a present by Vinayak. Pakhi is surprised to see the saree and inquires as to when it was purchased. Vinayak says he saved money to buy her a saree and inquires about her opinion. He is invited to eat pizza and is told by Pakhi that she enjoyed it. Vinayak accepts and walks away. Pakhi embraces the saree with joy.

Sai is asked by Virat not to express her rage over food. He claims that we remembered everything after viewing Sunny. He inquires as to her recollection of Sunny J’s previous cupid-like behaviour. No amount of cupid can solve our problems because they spiral out of control and we can never be together, according to Sai.

Virat explains how to convince you that I am thinking of you always. What must he do to convince her that he will stop at nothing to win her back? he enquires. He bowed his head and told her that she was his life. Sai observes. Sai has Virat wash her hand. By assuring him that the sauce falls on Savi’s hand and not her hand, Sai gets him to leave his fantasy. Savi responds, “No issue. Savi has Sai wash her hand. With his eyes wide open, Virat considers the reason for his dreaming and recalls his vow to Pakhi that he can let go of her hand.

Episode is over.

Pakhi ruins Sai’s rangoli in the precap. What is she doing, Sai queries. Pakhi claims I will do the ceremonies as it is my home and not you. Pakhi attempted to make a rangoli but failed. When Sai notices this, he tells Paki that those who destroy other things are incapable of creating anything since they likewise worry about having their creations destroyed.

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