Anupama Written Update Today

Today’s episode of Anupama was very good. The story of today’s episode begins with Anupama. Anupama and everyone sit silently together. And Anupama holds everyone’s hand. And forgive me speaks.

Finn one of them says sorry, what will happen if you say sorry like every time you thought about you and Anuj,

Then another boy speaks, so what happened. I felt bad too. Got jealous too. But we are only thinking from mother’s side, can we think from Anuj’s side.

Now brother, you are about to become a father. , then you can understand the experience of becoming a father more than me.

So why did Anuj stay away from this happiness from this experience. Why did he yearn for this happiness? But mother has contributed a lot for this house for us.

If you did something for Anuj today, then what happened. This is absolutely right, Samar, you will support mummy only.

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