DHEERE DHEERE SE WRITTEN UPDATE: MALINI will prevent Abhishek from assisting Anchal

The intriguing drama on Star Bharat’s Dheere Dheere Se is set to begin, with Raghav telling the Shastris of Aanchal’s kidnapping while Bhawana becomes determined to locate Aanchal at all costs. What happens next will be interesting to see. Will Bhawana go into additional difficulties as a result of Raghav’s revelation? Does Bhawana know that Aanchal is secure? Aanchal’s method for finding Bhawana Can Aanchal locate Bhawana?

Bhawana is seen pleading with Malini in the current track, telling her that she is powerless and that is why she made a statement against Bhanu. Malini attacks her with a blow. Bhawana begs Abhishek and Jagjivan to at least give her a chance, but they leave the room and enter the house.

On Bhawana’s face, Malini shuts the door. When Bhanu attacked Raghav, Bhawana made a statement against him, Savita learned. She understands that is the only reason Bhawana is dealing with all of this. The issue, in Swati’s opinion, is becoming more intriguing as she grins.

Concerned for Raghav’s security is Gaurav. Aanchal asks a man for assistance in calling Bhawana. The man tries to molest her after taking her home. Aanchal assaults the man initially before using his phone to call Raghav.

Before Aanchal could tell Raghav where she is, a man attacks her. Bhawana prays to God for Aanchal’s safety while Raghav frets about her security.

Aanchal punches the man who approaches her to molest her after remembering Bhawana’s counsel to be brave. Aanchal is saved by Raghav, who also commends her bravery. After that, he returns her to her home and informs her of what transpired while she was gone.

For kicking Bhawana out of the house, Aanchal lashes out at the Shastris. The Shastri family is shocked by Raghav’s admission that Aanchal was abducted. Aanchal departs with a determination to locate Bhawana. Following Aanchal, Raghav approaches Swati and asks her for assistance.

Swati concurs. In the meantime, Bhawana seeks out an auto rickshaw in an effort to locate Aanchal at all costs. It will be seen in the upcoming episode that Raghav will enter the home and tell Savita that he is okay. Along with them will be Bhawana and Aanchal’s bags. They will both go inside the Srivastavs’ home. Savita will scream in shock. Swati will grinningly smirk.

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